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What Does Hair Tonics Do to Your Hair- An Ultimate Guide

What Does Hair Tonics Do

Are you a hair care enthusiast who loves using old-fashioned hair tonics? 

During the ’90s, people loved using tonics and natural ingredients in their hair care routines. These were ruled out due to innovation in other hair care products. Even today, those who dislike heat treatments prefer serums, tonics, and oils for hair styling.

You might get confused by the controversies over the use of hair tonics for attractive hair or what does hair tonics Do. In this blog post, we’ll help you understand the ABC of hair tonics, including their buying guide and benefits.

What are hair tonics?

Hair tonics are alcohol-based (mostly) fragrant products that add life to your dull and dry hair. These are hydrating agents that contain oil, alcohol, and other lubricating agents. It also includes astringents that prevent oils from seeping down the scalp. Oil isn’t a vital ingredient of hair tonics, but its presence nourishes the scalp and split ends.

It’s a must-have for those who love combing their hair in a particular direction. 

These hair products are most in-demand due to their versatile ingredients and growth-boosting ingredients. Barbers and hairstylists use them to avoid mishandling during hair treatments. These magical mixtures keep your hair soft, smooth, and in place. 

Nowadays, famous hair care brands are formulating similar tonics using modern techniques. But these tonics aren’t gender-specific anymore. Both men and women are finding them useful for their hair.

Pomade is also a famous water-based hair tonic that is available in gelatinous form. Despite being greasy, it doesn’t make your hair too slippery and comes out on washing.

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What Does Hair Tonics Do: How can Hair Tonics Benefit Your Hair?

The benefits of hair tonics vary according to their type and ingredients. Some brands even claim that their hair tonics can reverse baldness and hair fall. But the most prominent function of hair is to keep hair in place.

Here are some other proven benefits that all kinds of hair tonics can have for you.

Rejuvenate your Scalp

The potential benefit of a hair tonic is its ability to moisturize your scalp and hair tips.

Moisturised hair is less prone to breakage, sun damage, and tangles. Most people confuse the term moisturization with an oil-dripping scalp. In reality, it penetrates deep into your scalp and nurtures hair follicles. 

Tonics also relieve the skin from itching and infections. The oil content in tonics also aids in the smooth passage of the scalp.

Reduces Breakage and Skin Damage

You might experience excessive hair fall due to vigorous combing and chemical sprays. These chemical products make your hair lose elasticity and natural glow. Hair tonics lubricate the hair and prevent hair breakage due to friction and dryness. Smooth and silky hair is relatively more manageable to comb and style.

Facilitates Hair Styling

When styled with expertise, hair tonics don’t appear super oily or greasy.

In the past, hair tonics were popular among men who love styling their hair with a shiner look. Modern technology has made styling convenient even for those who prefer matt finishing. Some celebrities love styling their hair like old town boys with a prominent mane.

Prevents Dandruff and Promotes Hair Growth

Heavy chemicals from shampoos and hair products cause dandruff or hair fall. The herbal extracts and oils in tonics supply nutrients to your hair and promote its growth. Moreover, it helps to cleanse the pores and minimizes dry scalp and dandruff.

Refreshing Scent and Voluminous Texture

We all have days when we are getting late or are not in a bathing mood. But moving out can’t with sweaty and smelling hair is something we can’t afford.

Hair tonic is an amalgam of different herbs and solvents that comes with a scented solution. Its gentle application adds volume, shine, and aroma to hair with a healthier outlook.  

How to Use a Hair Tonic?

Hair tonics are very simple to use. You don’t need to be an expert to get done with your hair care routine or apply a hair tonic.

Follow these simple steps and enjoy the refreshing sensation in your hair.

  • Wash your hair and let them dry for effective results. Dry and clean hair absorbs the product relatively better.
  • Take a few drops of hair tonic and massage your scalp using your fingers in a circular motion. The amount required for the application depends upon your hair thickness and volume.
  • Avoid over-application of the product as it may result in a flat appearance of your hair.
  • Style your hair using a hairbrush or comb.
  • You don’t need to dry your hair in the end. Tonics contain alcohol that evaporates soon after its application. Your hair will become more neat, manageable, and shiny as compared to earlier.

Buying Guide for an Ideal Hair Tonic

Now, if you’ve made up your mind to buy a hair tonic for your hair, this guide is for you.

There is an incredible diversity in hair tonics that are available online and in-stores. But how can you understand which one suits your hair type?

Never forget to check the ingredient list before investing in your favorite hair product. It’s important because not all herbs and extracts are ideal for your hair. Some ingredients can cause toxicity and allergic reactions to your skin and other body organs. 

Look for the following ingredients in hair tonics before buying a hair tonic.

Rosemary Oil

“Rosemary produces similar effects as minoxidil.” 

The Italian-smelling herb cures the most common hair problems. 

Oil extracted from this herb contains antioxidants that capture free radicals. These free radicals cause hair damage in the form of split ends, hair loss, and infections. It also reduces scalp itching during treatment for hair loss.


Nettle is an excellent ingredient in hair tonics that promote hair regrowth. The extracts of the leaves are rich in compounds like Sulphur and Silica. These compounds strengthen the hair follicles and provide nourishment. If you’re looking to promote hair growth, definitely go for a hair tonic with nettle in it.

Witch Hazel

Witch Hazel is beneficial for the treatment of skin inflammation and hair loss. It prevents itching in hair follicles that hinders hair growth. It also prevents redness and provides cooling effects to the damaged scalp. 

Witch hazel is a natural astringent (a compound that controls excessive oil secretion ). Hence a hair tonic with this ingredient would be ideal for an oily and itchy scalp.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is my favorite natural hair conditioner for dry and flaky skin. 

It strengthens hair by minimizing the protein lost during heat treatments. If you’re facing dandruff and dryness issues, coconut oil should be present in your hair tonic.

Possible side effects of hair tonic

Hair tonics can cause severe long-term damage to your hair.

The damage can occur due to :

  • Overdosing can cause staining and bedding of the product on the scalp.
  • Allergic reaction to some specific ingredient
  • Accidental consumption of hair tonic can cause intoxication. It may result in diarrhea, vomiting, coma, or some other disastrous symptoms. In such cases, it’s advisable to contact a toxicologist or a specialized doctor as soon as possible.

Prepare your DIY Hair Tonic at Home

If you’re someone who believes in organic remedies, get ready to try these DIY recipes for your hair.

You can prepare your hair tonic at home using your favorite and trusted ingredients. Try these simplest remedies at home and get lustrous and shiny hair.

Onion Hair Tonic for hair loss

This hair fall remedy comes straight from your kitchen. Onion water promotes healthier hair growth and strengthens existing hair strands. The onion hair tonic is very easy to prepare. All you need to do is:

  • Crush a large-sized onion and fill the juice in a spray bottle
  • Apply this tonic for 30 minutes and massage it on your scalp
  • Rinse with a mild shampoo and let it dry

Alcohol-Free Hazel Witch Hair Tonic

Hazel scalp tonic recipe is a power pack for all hair problems. It resolves all hair-related issues ranging from hair loss to fungal infections. Choose alcohol-free hazel to avoid flaky and dry skin problems. The procedure is straightforward and quick; let’s do it.

  • Add three tbsp. Alcohol-free hazel witch to 1 tbsp. of your favorite essential oil
  • Mix these ingredients and transfer them to a spray bottle
  • Fill the remaining bottle with distilled water.
  • Spray this hair tonic one hour before or after shower

The Bottom Line

Now when you’re familiar with what does hair tonics do to your hair, you can fix a lot of your hair troubles without any doubt. The innovation in the hair care line has improved the quality of these more tonics with proven benefits. These tonics are available without any gender distinction and for all skin types.

Women are using hair tonics to enhance their hair care and beauty regimens. These tonics not only help in hairstyling but also resolve several hair problems.

Keeping an eye on ingredients and their safety profiles in the tonic is a crucial aspect. You can also prepare your tonic at home by using the recipes mentioned above. These trusted remedies are straightforward and quick to follow.

Don’t forget to try these remedies and share your experience with us!

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