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Tricho Folliboost Hair Growth Serum: what is it and, how does it work?

tricho folliboost hair growth serum

Do you know about tricho folliboost hair growth serum? Folliboost serum contains trichologist-recommended ingredients scientifically proven to promote hair growth, strengthen your hair follicles, or heal damaged hair. Folliboosts formula was created to help you get fuller, thicker hair in less time than ever before. 

With the number of products on the market that claim to increase your hair growth rate, it can be difficult to choose which product will produce results. Spending money on products that don’t deliver or make your hair fall out can be frustrating! This review of Tricho Folliboost Serum will help you determine if this serum is the right product for you and, if so, how it can produce excellent results in as little as two weeks! Let’s start the article with a quick review of this product and how it works.

Tricho Folliboost hair growth serum

Tricho Folliboost Hair Growth Serum
  • Brand             Folliboost
  • Ingredients‎  Biotin
  • Form   ‎ ‎‎‎          Oil, Serum
  • Scent             Peppermint

Folliboost serum contains trichologist-recommended ingredients scientifically proven to promote hair growth, strengthen your hair follicles, or heal damaged hair. FolliBoost’s formula was created to help you get fuller, thicker hair in less time than ever before. The topical solution applies easily with a dropper and starts working quickly. One 30ml bottle should last up to three months of daily use for most users, but results may be different because it depends on the extent of your hair loss. If your product arrives damaged or you’re not satisfied with the results after 60 days, contact us for a full refund.

How does Tricho Folliboost Work?

Folliboost Hair Growth Serum contains natural ingredients that work to promote hair growth. One way it works is by restoring the follicles, which are where your hair grows from. But not all hair follicles grow at the same rate. Tricho Folliboost has a targeted peptide complex that stimulates the strand responsible for hair growth on the top of your head. 

Follies were initially discovered in humans but, more recently, have also been found in horses. In China, scientists applied them to mice with better hair quality after six weeks. Chinese researchers wanted to know if follinos would trigger the same results when applied directly to humans; they did!

Ingredients of Tricho Folliboost hair growth serum

Ingredients of Tricho Folliboost hair growth serum can be divided into two categories:

Tricho Folliboost Hair Growth Serum
  •  Active ingredients
  •  Inactive ingredients

Active ingredients

There are around 20 active ingredients in Tricho Folliboost hair growth serum; some of the essential ingredients are :

1: Peppermint Oil 

2: Vitamin E 

3: Soybean Germ Extract

4: Biotin 

5: Wheat Germ Extract

6: Pisum sativum pea sprout extract

7: pro-vitamin B5

8: Arginine HCL

tricho folliboost hair growth serum

1: Biotin 

Some individuals notice thinning of hair or bald patches on the scalp, a condition known as alopecia. It may be activated by various factors, such as stress, an eating disorder, genetics, illness, or injury. A common underlying cause of this type of hair loss is anemia. People suffering from blood circulation problems in the scalp often experience thinning or balding on the top of their heads.

Biotin can help because it strengthens blood vessels that feed the follicles, which produce new hair. Biotin helps create keratin, which supports the structure of your hair shafts. When your body has enough biotin, cells produce keratin without issues like breakage or inflammation. The result is strong and healthy hair is less likely to fall out.

2: Soybean Germ Extract 

For hair growth, soybean germ extract can be combined with other ingredients to make an all-natural, organic formula that would help regrow hair. Soybeans are one the best source of protein for vegetarians and contain high amounts of iron, calcium, zinc, copper, vitamins B1, B2 (riboflavin), E (tocotrienol), vitamin A, and B3 (niacin). It also contains various compounds with protein-damaging enzymes that break down amino acids into polypeptides.

3: Vitamin E 

The human body can’t produce vitamin E on its own. It’s in your diet from plants, seeds, nuts, green vegetables, and certain fruits. Vitamin E is also found in some cooking oils. Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that has been shown to have several benefits for hair growth. 

Vitamin E helps reduce scalp inflammation and dandruff while improving the quality of hair growth by reducing protein loss and stimulating follicle activity. 

The high levels of vitamin E found in this serum also help improve circulation to the scalp, which promotes faster healing and increases blood flow to the hair follicles to stimulate hair growth. 

This combination of vitamins has been proven with clinical studies demonstrating their effectiveness.

4: Peppermint Oil 

Peppermint oil is one of the essential ingredients of Tricho Folliboost hair growth serum. One of the significant ingredients in this oil, menthol, has been proven to stimulate new hair follicles to promote growth in both males and females with thinning hair. Using just three drops every night before bed will leave your scalp tingling while you sleep, which aids the oxygenation process on a cellular level. This product can be used by both sexes but should not be used if you have a greasy or dry scalp, as it could cause an allergic reaction.

5: Wheat Germ Extract 

There are a lot of products in the world, but not all of them work as well as they say. Wheat germ extract is one such ingredient that seems to be very effective at helping slow hair loss. The naturally-occurring Vitamin E may have something to do with the effectiveness of this ingredient because Vitamin E improves circulation in the scalp. 

It’s unclear whether follistatin–which lowers levels of DHT (a hormone that affects hair growth) in the scalp–is active. However, even if it is, Tricho Follistatin should still be taken separately from wheat germ extract since they target different parts of the process of Follibuss.

6: Pisum sativum pea sprout extract 

Tricho pea sprout extract can be a good option for hair growth when combined with the right supplements. Pisum sativum pea sprout extract contains a high amount of plant hormones, which help to maintain the integrity of your follicles, slow down hair thinning, strengthen your hair from root to tip, and stimulate healthy cell production. 

Most hair supplements today are ineffective because they contain only one or two ingredients that might boost the body’s reaction to promote hair growth. Pisum sativum pea sprout extract containing 17 amino acids has been proven through laboratory testing to provide all of these necessary stimulants together.

7: Pro-vitamin B5

Protein molecules help form the structure of hair, and vitamin B5 (also known as pantothenic acid) helps the body synthesize proteins. In theory, Pantothenic Acid should help stimulate hair growth by providing the body with a building block for protein synthesis. When applied to hair follicles, vitamin B5 also helps open clogged pores that can lead to hair shedding. 

Furthermore, one study found that a topically applied vitamin complex containing Retinol had an 85% success rate in inducing the regrowth of thinning hair after three months without causing skin irritation. That said, vitamin B5 has yet to be tested on human subjects, so its efficacy in boosting hair growth remains uncertain. Still, Pantothenic Acid may enhance its effectiveness for some people when combined with proven ingredients like Pro-Vitamin B5 or Niacinamide which aid in cell division and increase blood flow.

8: Arginine HCL

Arginine has the potential to stimulate hair growth. Not many studies have been done on its effects on human subjects, but animal studies show it might be a good candidate for stimulating hair growth. Arginine increases blood flow to the scalp, which stimulates circulation in the area, one of the causes of hair loss. 

Another way arginine can promote hair growth is by supporting essential hormones related to general health, including cholesterol, insulin, thyroid hormone, testosterone, and luteinizing hormone. Arginine also supports prostate health by aiding with problems like male incontinence or erectile dysfunction. The biggest problem with arginine as a supplement for promoting hair growth would be side effects caused by increased blood flow, including diarrhea or low blood pressure.

Inactive ingredients. 

Folliboost contains around 15 inactive ingredients.

  • Consistency agents
  • Fragrances and scents
  • Preservatives

So basically, these ingredients aren’t necessarily valuable for hair.

1: Consistency agents

Consistency agents are added to help liquid ingredients in a container maintain a smooth and consistent viscosity. Two types of consistency agents are water-soluble and others that dissolve in oil. Compatible agents that dissolve in water include materials such as maltodextrin or polyvinylpyrrolidone. 

Examples of oil-soluble materials include hydrocarbons, waxes, esters, ethers, long-chain fatty acids, or their derivatives. Using these substances can create a mixture where one liquid will mix with another without separating from the other material’s chemistry. One liquid is an agent for maintaining the texture during some industrial processing steps.

2: Fragrances and scents

Fragrances and scents are inactive ingredients of Folliboost hair growth serum for a good smell and fresh feeling.

3: Preservatives

The many ingredients in this product promote improved circulation and reduce scalp swelling that can cause hair loss. While this product does not offer all of the benefits of Rogaine, it does provide significant relief for those experiencing dryness or thinning hair. Preservatives are used to preserve all the ingredients in the serum.

What makes Folliboost good for hair growth?

tricho folliboost hair growth serum

1: Based entirely on natural ingredients.

2: Money-back guarantee (30 days).

1: Based entirely on natural ingredients.

Of course, it’s essential to know what the whole boost hair growth serum ingredients are to give an idea of whether or not the product will work. An infusion of 12 different herbs known for their capacity to support healthy hair follicles. Additionally, this product does not contain any chemicals, which makes it an excellent choice for those who would prefer an all-natural development.

2: Money-back guarantee (30 days).

Tricho Folliboost Serum is the perfect product for people looking to get thicker hair without spending much money. It contains all-natural ingredients that nourish and improve your hair’s health while creating a more voluminous appearance. It also has a 30-day money-back guarantee. So what are you waiting for?

Smell & texture of Tricho Folliboost Hair Growth Serum

Here we are talking about the smell & texture of Tricho Folliboost Hair Growth Serum:


The serum has a peppermint smell. I think it’s because of the serum’s peppermint oil and essential oils—the first day of using this product, I was like, wow. My hair looked noticeably fuller and healthier! I love how this product makes my hair look. But the smell of peppermint does not last long. 

The main question is how long it lasts too! Since the ingredients are all-natural, you can use the serum daily without issues. 


  • Quite easy to apply
  • Doesn’t leave hair greasy
  • Pretty thick consistency.

It’s not a serum, so I was worried it would have the same effect as a conditioner, but it has a slightly oily texture, perfect for my dry and brittle hair. I’ve been using this serum for about two weeks and have seen some new growth. It’s not dramatic, but I’m happy with the results.

Advantages of Tricho Folliboost hair growth serum

Benefits of using Tricho Folliboost hair growth serum: 

  • Grow healthier, fuller hair in weeks 
  • Money back guarantee 
  • FDA-approved ingredients. 
  • Smoothes out curly hair.
  • Stimulate follicles

1: Grow healthier, fuller hair in weeks  

Tricho complete boosts is a serum to grow healthier, fuller hair in weeks. The potent formula contains only natural ingredients that stimulate hair growth by nourishing the scalp and increasing new hairs. It’s a soothing solution for dandruff and itchy scalp problems.

Use Tricho full boost every other day or two to stimulate hair growth. Apply it to the scalp and massage it into your scalp to penetrate deep into your follicles. You can apply more to specific areas to help them grow faster and more robust. Avoid using it on irritated areas of your scalp, and ensure you wash off any excess liquid before bed. The serum leaves a white residue that may stain clothes, so be careful not to get too much on your clothes.

2: Stimulate follicles

The follicles are responsible for producing the strands of hair on your head. Stimulating these tiny hair producers allows you to have fuller and healthier hair. This can be done using a high-quality shampoo like Tricho Folliboost made of natural ingredients such as Saw Palmetto. This ingredient has been shown to help the follicles grow more quickly in a more concentrated manner than most other topical treatments.

3: FDA-approved ingredients. 

Tricho Folliboost is approved by the FDA and contains all-natural ingredients, which means it can be used as long as you want without any side effects. It penetrates deep down into the root system to promote healthy growth patterns—increases growth by up to 200% over 12 weeks. The natural ingredients in the serum work together to improve circulation and increase the thickness of your hair.

Allows your hair to grow longer, thicker, and fuller.

4: Smoothes out frizzy hairs 

Tricho Folliboost is the only 2-in-1 serum that provides your hair follicles with additional protection and helps your strands reproduce faster to help regrow hair. It targets the critical components of the cellular structure of both regrowing inches and growing hairs by injecting these cells with a high dose of lactic acid. This stimulates blood flow and increases cell metabolism, increasing thickness and volume. In addition to these benefits, Tricho Folliboost also eliminates dandruff for an extra fresh feeling on your scalp!


Small quantity in a high price consisting of 2 oz bottle for 40 dollars:

How to use Tricho Folliboost hair growth serum

tricho folliboost hair growth serum

The following steps must be followed to get better results:

1: Use it two times a day. 

Tricho total boost hair growth serum will give you thicker and healthier hair by moisturizing your scalp and providing essential nutrients for nourishing it. One of the best things about this product is that you don’t have to use it often. Just two applications per day are enough. In addition to applying a small amount of it on your scalp, use it on your brows and the roots of your nose hairs to help grow them faster than they would naturally. It’s recommended to apply it in the morning and evening.

2: Apply a few drops in some regions of your scalp.

To apply the serum:

  1. Use your fingers tips to massage the oil into your scalp in certain areas gently.
  2. Massage for a few minutes, and then put your hair into a bun.
  3. Repeat this process twice daily over eight weeks.

Drinking lots of water while using the serum and abstaining from excessively washing your hair is essential.

3: Do not rinse after application

Tricho folliboost hair growth serum should be applied to your scalp in the morning and evening. The Tricho folliboost hair growth serum will remain on your scalp throughout the day, gradually exfoliating your scalp. After applying it in the morning, it is essential not to rinse it off at night before going to bed. You must let the product stay on your scalp for as long as possible to enjoy maximum benefits from its nutrients.

Best place to buy

The best place to buy the Tricho Folliboost hair growth serum is Amazon With free shipping for 40$.

What are the causes of hair loss?

tricho folliboost hair growth serum

So why is my hair falling out? There are many potential causes for this.

It could be an underlying illness, such as an autoimmune disease or a thyroid condition.

It could also be caused by stress, lack of sleep, poor diet, or some medications.

Of course, genetics can play a role too, and those interested in preventative measures may want to investigate family history before they do anything else. Vitamins!

Tricho Folliboost hair growth vitamins

A woman’s hair is a symbol of beauty and self-expression. Hair can make the difference between looking great for an interview or feeling like you are just not up to par. Hair loss, thinning, breakage – these all have had such a significant impact on me. Thanks to Tricho Folliboost, hair growth vitamins show that science-backed nutrition for healthy, strong locks has never been easier or more effective.


  • Get your dose of hair vitamins C and B12 daily and biotin to promote vigorous, thick hair regrowth and fullness of existing hair.
  • IFolliboost includes zinc to safely and gently stimulate hair follicles and help combat hair loss from the inside out.
  • This supplement is formulated and manufactured using natural-based ingredients to help women look to visibly improve hair growth.
  • For optimal results, take Folliboost Hair Growth Vitamins every day while applying Folliboost Hair Growth Serum directly to your scalp

FAQs: Tricho folliboost hair growth serum

Here are the answers to your questions.

Are there any side effects?

Tricho folliboost hair growth serum is a product made to improve your hair’s health and make it thicker. A common concern when using any type of hair product is that there are going to be harmful side effects. Itchy scalp and rashes, dandruff.

How often should you use it?

The typical rule of thumb is that the hair must be applied twice a day to reap the maximum benefits. If you are not able to use it this often, there are some things you can do to improve your results. The first thing you should do is start by applying it more frequently and work your way down if needed. Apply it daily, twice a week for two weeks, then once a week for two weeks, and finally once every other week if needed. Another thing that you could do is combine usage with another treatment that encourages hair growth, like Rogaine or Propecia.

Can I use it with other products?

To get the most out of this serum, it’s best to use it in combination with other products for healthier hair. You should apply the serum to your scalp, leave it on for a few minutes, and then wash it off before styling. Mix some drops of the serum into your favorite shampoo to use as a pre-shampoo treatment for cleaner, shinier locks. Use some drops of the serum on damp hair before blow-drying for a healthy shine and bounce.


If you want thicker and fuller hair without going under the knife, then it’s time to look into Tricho Folliboost. This all-natural hair growth serum is made with a patent-pending formula that includes peptides and natural oils that will improve your hair’s thickness in weeks. It even features vitamins B5 and B6 to improve skin elasticity and reduce damage. If you want all of these benefits, along with support from a top-quality company that offers free shipping on orders over $50 and no hidden fees, give this product a try today! 

To receive fast results, simply rub one pump onto your scalp every morning before styling your hair or showering. You can also use two pumps if you have particularly thin or fine hair and want more noticeable results in less time. You can expect visible changes within six weeks of consistent use and maximum results after eight to ten weeks of daily application. For best results, we recommend using one bottle per month.

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