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Everything You Need to Know About How To Use Color Depositing Conditioner

How To Use Color Depositing Conditioner

What are color depositing conditioners, and how to use them? Color depositing conditioner is designed to dye hair where you don’t want to dye it. As the name implies, it does this by depositing the hair dye onto the roots of your hair, which results in color where you want it and not where you don’t. It works well on most hair types, as long as you follow some basic instructions. This article will guide you through everything you need about how to use color depositing conditioner so you can use it to dye your hair the way you want.

What are color depositing conditioners?

Coloring your hair is hard, especially if you want to do it yourself. It consumes a lot of your time and attention, plus a lot of different things. Luckily for you, we are here with a guide on everything you need to know about color depositing conditioners! 

A color depositing conditioner is typically used after coloring your hair or as part of a deep conditioning treatment to deposit various types of pigment back into the cuticle. This means the natural pigment that builds up due to fading treatments will be replenished, so your hair will always look vibrant and healthy! Some other benefits include giving your hair more shine and making the color last longer than traditional shampoos.

How To Use Color Depositing Conditioner
How To Use Color Depositing Conditioner

How to use color depositing conditioner?

Color depositing conditioners are designed to deposit color onto the hair shaft. This can help cover up your natural hair color or give it an entirely new look. These conditioners are usually used in conjunction with another coloring product, such as semi-permanent or permanent dye. Now let’s see how to use color depositing conditioner.

You can use these conditioners in two ways: apply them before you color your hair or after the coloring process is complete. Applying them before you color will help add in some extra conditioning benefits while doing so. This may also be important if your hair becomes dry or brittle when exposed to harsh chemicals like hair dye for an extended period.

1: Our first step on how to use color depositing conditioner is Hair strands test

To see if you can go for a color depositing conditioner:

  1. Take a strand of hair that is not dyed.
  2. Part the hair down the middle and place it in two water-filled glasses (similar in size and shape).
  3. Fill one with your standard shampoo and the other with your desired color depositing conditioner.
  4. Let the strands soak for 30 minutes before taking them out of their respective glasses.
  5. Look at how much lighter the strand that was soaked in color depositing conditioner has become when compared to the other strand.

2: Wash your hair

How To Use Color Depositing Conditioner
How To Use Color Depositing Conditioner

The first step in using a color depositing conditioner is washing your hair with a shampoo that leaves it feeling squeaky clean. Once you have passed your hair, rinse it out and towel dry until there is no trace of moisture left on the surface of your hair.

Be sure not to use too much heat or friction when drying your hair because this can break down the protein in the strands. If you want shiny, bouncy hair, then be sure to use a comb or brush after your shower to distribute natural oils evenly throughout the strands.

4: Apply conditioner

If you’re using a conditioner that comes in a liquid form, squeeze the appropriate amount and massage it all over your damp hair. Make sure to focus on the hair closest to your scalp. Let the conditioner for two minutes before rinsing it out.

If you’re using a conditioning treatment that comes in powder form, take about two tablespoons of it and mix it with an equal amount of water or leave-in conditioner until you get a pasty consistency. Apply this mixture generously to wet hair and let it dry before rinsing out thoroughly. 

If you want conditioning on the ends of your hair, pour some of your favorite product into your hands and run it through split ends after shampooing.

How To Use Color Depositing Conditioner
How To Use Color Depositing Conditioner

3: Divide your hair into sections

Grab your comb, section off your hair with a rat tail comb, and put the first two inches of hair in the three-inch area. Divide that section into four vertical chunks (each chunk should be one inch wide). 

5: Leave for 15 minutes

1. Firstly, you will need to ensure that you have an active lather before leaving the conditioner on your hair for a more extended period. Once your hair is fully saturated and dripping wet, it’s time to apply the right amount of color depositing conditioner.

If you’ve gone too heavy with the color depositing conditioner, it will leave your hair feeling extremely greasy- this is not what we want! We recommend starting with just a dime size amount and if your hair seems greasy after rinsing out the conditioner, add in more as needed.

2. Use cold water for best results when using any product which requires heat or air exposure.

6: Rinse the hairs

Follow the directions on the box, and you’re on your way to a healthy and shiny mane. Depending on how much dark color you want, this may take more than one application. Remember that hair is fragile, so be careful when applying it! After conditioning your hair, shampoo as usual and leave in the conditioner for about five minutes before rinsing with cool water.

7: If necessary, repeat the process

Color depositing conditioning is a relatively new product in the hair care market. It helps keep hair color from fading and adds a rich, dark color or highlights to your hair. 

Remember that all color depositing conditioners contain hydroquinone as the active ingredient. If you have delicate skin or any type of allergy, read labels carefully before using this product. 

To get the best results with this conditioner, use it every time you wash your hair for about two weeks until you reach your desired shade of rich brown or blonde. Regular use will prevent the natural pigments from fading and leeching out over time. Then you can switch to common conditioning treatments if you like.

 When should you be using them?

Color depositing conditioners are the new way to color your hair. They work by depositing the color from the formula onto your locks. The recipes use a translucent colored gel that is deposited on the hair strands and bonds with the natural proteins in your hair. The next time you wash it out, it will be washed away and not affect your hair like traditional dyes do.

This is great for those with damaged or fragile hair, as regular stains can leave behind unwanted buildup. It’s also a perfect product for people who want to touch up their roots without dying the rest of their hair because only the seeds are affected. It does take longer than traditional dyeing, though, so if you’re looking for a quick fix, this might not be right for you. 

Color depositing conditioners can also last anywhere from 2-8 weeks!

How do they work, anyway ( how to use color depositing conditioner )?

Color depositing conditioners work by depositing pigments on your hair and in the outer layer of your hair. This is done with what’s called a colorant molecule. This molecule leaves color behind when it reacts with the hair. In general, once you apply these molecules to your hair, they adhere quickly and start coloring immediately. The process of the face begins from inside the root of your hair outwards (root > mid shaft > tips). All these things happen when color depositors are mixed with the developer (a two-step process). 

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Types of color depositing conditioners.

There are many color depositing conditioners on the market, which can be overwhelming. Depending on your budget and needs, a suitable color depositing conditioner is available. The primary thing to keep in mind is whether or not you want your conditioner temporary or permanent.

Temporary color depositing conditioners will wash out after each use and cost less, but they may require more frequent service to maintain their effect. Permanent color depositing conditioners typically cost more and need less maintenance, but the original hair dye application will still need to be touched up every four months for gray coverage.

How To Use Color Depositing Conditioner
How To Use Color Depositing Conditioner

1: coloring conditioners

Color depositing conditioners are specialized hair dyes designed to deposit color onto your hair while also conditioning the strands. The best part? Unlike other types of hair dye, these kinds typically last three-to-six months before fading out.

This means you can maintain that rich, deep auburn shade all year round. And suppose you’re looking for more than just a touch-up. In that case, no worries – these coloring conditioners can be applied at any time during the haircare process: before (pre-color), in-between (midway), or after shampooing (post-color).

2: Lightly tinted conditioners

When you think of conditioners, your first thought may be that they are hair masks meant to nourish and heal dry, over-processed strands. However, these products can do so much more than that. A conditioner can come in handy if you use a color depositing one after you dye your hair.

These conditioners will seal the color and make it last longer, so the dye doesn’t wash out as quickly. Plus, you’ll never have those unsightly stains on your clothing from paint running down your hair!

3: Neutralizing conditioners

The most crucial point in conditioning your hair is ensuring you’re getting the right one for your hair type. You have three categories of conditioners: regular, neutralizing, and permanent. Neutralizing conditioners are great for people who want shiny and manageable hair that lasts long but doesn’t mind reapplying often.

In contrast, permanent conditioners work well on people with oilier hair who don’t mind washing their hair daily. For everyone else, the best thing to do is get a regular conditioner, which can be left in longer than either of the other two types without washing out as much natural oil from your scalp.

How long do color depositing conditioners last?

The exact lifespan of color depositing conditioners is up for debate. However, most experts agree that it should last the same length as your other hair care products – between 1-3 months. If you stop using color depositing conditioners but want to continue, you should wait six weeks before starting again so your hair can fully adjust to its natural state. 

Also, suppose your stylist recommends staying away from this type of conditioning treatment. In that case, there’s a good chance that you are currently experiencing or will experience extreme damage in the future if you continue using this type of product. This could result in scalp irritation, dryness, or unmanageable amounts of split ends – even early thinning!

Do they strip your color when you wash them out?

Not all color depositing conditioners will strip your hair of its natural pigment. One thing that sets Punky Color apart from the competition is that we offer a variety of formulations for different hair types, specially formulated to be gentle on your hair. All our products come with detailed instructions and ingredient lists so you can make an informed decision about what’s best for you before you purchase them. 

One thing that most color depositing conditioners will do is deposit a chemical coating onto your hair shaft. However, these coatings help strengthen your natural shade while also providing the illusion of brighter and more vibrant color – not unlike when you apply a highlight dye or gloss over top!

What should you do to make your results last longer?

Most shampoo/conditioners will indeed fade hair color. However, some products on the market help to lock in the color, so they last longer. There are a few different brands, but one of the best is Punky Colors Hair Dream and Set Spray. These sprays help give a long-lasting, fun, bright hue, and they won’t cost you much.

1: No excessive heat styling

The less you do, the better. Skip the curling iron or hot comb – these can dry and damage your hair. And if you need volume, try teasing it with a brush or headband instead of pulling on it. Other than that, wash and condition as usual!

2: Use sulfate free shampoo

Sulfate-free shampoos are typically very mild and gentle and do not have any harsh chemicals that will be stripped off the hair of its natural oils. Avoiding shampoo with sulfates can also protect against environmental pollutants.

That is because when your hair is dry, sulfates have a more challenging time penetrating through your scalp and into the inner layers of your hair, where it has a higher chance of being absorbed into the bloodstream. Plus, sulfates can disrupt the pH balance on your scalp, making it susceptible to infection or inflammation due to an imbalance in natural oil production.

3: use color depositing shampoo

Color depositing shampoo is another ingredient used in a home hair color job. This type of shampoo not only cleans the hair but will deposit the same or similar color onto the hair shafts. This option is often used when you want your hair to stay the same color without having to touch up your roots.

For this reason, you should use this type of shampoo after every few shampoos until you reach your desired shade or if you want a permanent solution with little worry about color fading over time. The downside of color depositing conditioner is that it may cause dryness and breakage of your strands over time if not cared for properly.

How to use punky color conditioner

Punky color conditioner is very similar to hair dye. It contains conditioners and other products that will keep your hair healthy and strong, but it also has a color that coats the surface of your hair. Many different shades are available, making covering gray or adding a pop of color quick and easy. 

Once you have covered your head with this product, leave it on for 20 minutes and then rinse it in the shower. To eliminate this colored product from your hair, you need to use shampoo a few times over the next day or two so that no residual effect is left on your locks.

Is it OK to mix them with other types of products?

Color depositing conditioning can be mixed with other products like leave-in conditioners or styling gels. However, it is unnecessary as long as you moisturize and regularly protect your hair. The two main reasons people opt for these products over others is because of the lasting effect they have on the hair and how long it takes to rinse out. These two factors make them great when trying out new colors!


Get the answers to the questions

Is color depositing conditioner terrible for your hair?

Color depositing conditioners are designed to deposit color onto the hair’s surface and not chemically alter the hair like other types of coloring. This helps prolong the time between treatments but is not recommended for clients who have had any chemical treatment within the last six months, including lightning or straightening treatments.

Clients who have experienced these treatments need more than a color depositing conditioner because these treatments have already altered the texture and pigment of their hair.

how can I tackle the color depositing conditioner stain?

Remove excess: Place the stained garment in cool water for about 30 minutes and dab it dry with a white cloth. The dye will loosen from the fabric, which makes it easier to wipe away. 

Wipe away stains: Wear rubber gloves, dip a clean sponge or cloth in dishwashing liquid and apply some pressure when wiping the garment. Rinse out all of the dishwashing liquid after each swipe, and then dip the sponge or cloth in clean water before repeating.

Launder: When satisfied with your color depositing conditioner stain removal efforts, add 1 cup vinegar or baking soda to your wash load (depending on what you are washing). The citric acid helps lift color particles off your clothes that might not have come loose by cleaning alone!

Can I use color depositing conditioner while hair falling

Yes, you can use this conditioner while your hair is falling out, no matter the reason for hair loss. It’s often recommended to use this conditioner when you struggle with thinning hair. It may be difficult for some individuals to find a suitable hair coloration dye without touching their scalp, triggering a chemical reaction that leads to further shedding. However, with color depositing conditioners, users won’t have issues getting dyes onto their scalp.

Here is the little more information color depositing conditioner.


Formalin, chlorine, and sun can change your hair color. Formalin is usually used in the preservation of specimens. Chlorine turns blond hair green and brown hair red, and the sun turns your hair orange or strawberry blond. 

When it comes to preserving your natural color, specific tools are required. One of these is a nourishing conditioner with color-protecting properties. To choose the right product for you, start by determining which type of hair dye you would like to use: permanent dye (strips the oil from your strands) or demi-permanent dye (attaches color without stripping oils).

Permanent stains are more intense than demi-permanent but last longer on your locks. If this is what you’re looking for, you’ll need an extra step to prep your hair before application. Rinse your hair, then shampoo twice. If there’s still some lingering dye, try clarifying shampoo – this will strip away any pigment molecules and eliminate any harsh chemicals leftover from other products on your scalp. 

Afterward, put on a generous amount of color depositing conditioner onto clean wet hair and let it for three minutes before rinsing out. Remember not to go overboard with this because all those chemicals will dry out your tresses!

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