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How To Take Care of Relaxed Hair and Make It Grow in 3 simple steps

how to take care of relaxed hair and make it grow

For many years, people used to relate hair with beauty, strength, and youthfulness. For enhancing this youthful beauty, they’ve experimented with different products and techniques.

Achieving relaxed hair has been the number one concern for hair and beauty enthusiasts. A treatment that uses cream or lotions, also called relaxers, is widespread for achieving smooth and nourished hair. Relaxers contain various chemicals that crash the hair component to exchange its original texture. The procedure might dehydrate your hair afterward. Your hair needs proper care and nourishment to maintain its healthy growth. 

Are you excited to know how to take care of relaxed hair and make it grow? Just follow our below guidelines!

How to grow relaxed hair?

If you have recently chemically relaxed your hair, your new hair might go through a traumatic experience. Now, your hair needs extra attention to ensure hair growth. Here are some steps that’ll help you to learn how to grow relaxed hair faster.

1st step: Take care of your diet

The hair care routine that can boost your hair energy and growth begins right from your diet.

how to take care of relaxed hair and make it grow
Healthy Diet.

Increase your protein intake

Hair is composed of proteins, and a decrease in their desired amount can make your hair brittle, dry, and rough. So it would be best if you start ingesting more proteins in your diet as it can restore your damaged hair after the relaxing process. Increase your intake of meat and dairy products such as beef, chicken, seafood, butter, and milk. They are the best and most natural sources of protein.

Increase your iron intake

Low levels of iron can cause an inadequate supply of blood to hair and skin. Such undernourished hair and skin become more prone to damage. 

The solution lies in keeping your iron levels in check. An increase in iron level stimulates your hair follicles to grow hair at a faster rate. Vegetables such as broccoli, spinach, leafy greens, and nuts are rich in iron. You can also include dietary supplements that contain iron in your diet for maximum results. 

Take your vitamins

You should take vitamin E and C in your daily diet as they increase your hair strength and energy, making them grow faster. Collagen is an essential element of hair, and vitamin C supplements its formation, so your hair will grow stronger with the uptake of Vitamin C.

2nd step: Take care of your hair

Your hair needs extra care and attention to stay healthy and strong after the relaxing process.

The most significant anxiety after hair relaxing is commonly dryness and itchy scalp. So you should moisturize your hair daily to prevent these issues.

When buying shampoo, prefer the one that contains ingredients like argan oil and shea butter.

Apply conditioner to your fragile and brittle hair ends for at least five minutes before rinsing.

During the relaxing process, your scalp might be enclosed by some harsh and smelly chemicals, so give your scalp an oil massage. It opens and softens the hair pores, making your scalp feel refreshed and promoting healthy hair growth.

Go for deep conditioning treatment or hair masks that use specialized proteins, such as Keratin. They can perforate within your hair pores and improve the overall texture of your hair.

3rd Step: Always use protective Styling

After getting a relaxing hair treatment, it is advisable to avoid heating tools on your hair. It can magnify your hair dryness and can cause severe hair fall. 

If you want to dry your hair after washing, blow dry on the minimum heat setting for a shorter duration. Moreover, if you need heating tools, use a protective spray containing proteins that act as a cushion between your hair and heating tools.

How to take care of relaxed hair and make it grow faster?

There are several fantastic ways to nourish your relaxed hair and make them grow. I’ve shared some proven methods that will help you understand how to grow relaxed hair overnight? 

Wash your hair properly 

how to take care of relaxed hair and make it grow
Hairdresser applying shampoo on woman’s hair in a beauty salon.

The easiest thing you can do at home is to wash and properly condition your hair. 

Wash your hair gently and give your scalp a perfect massage to encourage hair growth. This crucial step will help you eliminate excess oil from your scalp and hair. Using sulfate-free moisturizing shampoo can do wonders!

Avoid rubbing harsh towels in your hair as it can lead to hair breakage and hair fall. You should avoid over-shampooing and start using deep cleansing conditioners. They contain potent ingredients such as butter, olive oil, cocoa, aloe Vera, and avocado and keep your hair and scalp moisturized. Moreover, you can deep condition your hair at least once a week to rejuvenate your hair locks.

Furnish your hair with proteins

Protein is the necessary element of the hair as it boosts hair energy and strength. There are plenty of protein hair treatment products containing active ingredients such as manuka honey, shea butter, yogurt, and essential oils. You can quickly get these products from your favorite store but prefer choosing the one that goes best for your hair type(follow label instructions). Moreover, if you don’t want to buy market products, you can also try homemade protein hair treatments.

Trim your split ends 

Are you wondering how trimming can help your hair? Relaxed hair is prone to split ends and hair fall. So, it becomes essential to remove damaged hair ends as they might result in stunt hair growth. Moreover, split ends can go up to your hair shaft and cause further destruction of your hair. Hence, trimming could be the best possible way to keep healthy hair growth.

how to take care of relaxed hair and make it grow
Professional hairdresser with the machine for hair and hairbrush in hands behind young female in a hairdressing salon.

Manage your hair with great care

Relaxed hair might be brittle or delicate, so here are some tips for handling them with care!

You should avoid using harsh products and unnecessary brushing as it can lead to severe breakage and hair fall.

Style your hair using less heat because excessive heat can change the protein composition of your hair, making it feeble. You can also use rod sets, rollers, and hair extensions to style your hair instead of using heating tools.

Be aware of extreme sun exposure as the sun’s harmful rays can damage your hair badly, so always use hats, scarves, or umbrellas to protect your head.

You can secure your strands with some protective styles such as braids, French twists, and buns. These hairstyles reduce stress and chances of hair breakage by immobilizing the hair.

Keep away from over-processing:

Over-processing or over-lapping can happen due to excessive chemical treatments on your hair. It can cause your hair vulnerable to spillage and cause hair thinning. Consulting a professional hair expert before taking a new treatment is always a wise decision.

5 Tips for maintaining healthy relaxed hair

Sometimes taking care of your relaxed seems much daunting task. Women invest more time on the wigs and weave than their actual hair, so their natural hair never grows healthy and strong. Try these proven tips and tricks for maintaining healthy relaxed hair.

1. Adopt the proper way to wash relaxed hair

Always use a sulfate-free shampoo and moisturizer that is specially formulated for chemically treated hair. 

After applying the shampoo, slightly massage your scalp with your fingertips and ensure not to use your nails as they can produce twists and cause hair breakage. Remember to use conditioner after shampooing your hair as it adds moisture to your hair plus cleanses and refreshes your scalp. 

Moreover, mixing hydrolyzed protein products into your shampoo and hair can prove effective for your relaxed hair. The hydrolyzed proteins can strengthen your hair and minimizes the risk of hair fall. 

2. Deep conditioning your hair

The best way to maintain healthy hair is to deep condition them at least once a week. It is the perfect method to help your hair restore all the vanished nutrients and moisture in your hair. Prepare your deep conditioner at home by mixing natural ingredients such as Moringa Oil, Shea butter, and coconut oil.

The deep conditioning method moisturizes your hair strands by repairing the already sustained damage. It also prevents further damage. Moreover, it prevents hair breakage by nourishing your hair with its extraordinary conditioning ingredients.

3. Be careful while Styling your hair

The ideal way to grow your hair back is to ensure your ends are protected and safe all the time. Your ends might be weakened after going through the relaxing process, and their regular exposure can lead to severe breakage. It is commonly said that” Protective hairstyles are your best friends.” I prefer hairstyles such as braids, weaves, and buns as they significantly maintain relaxed hair. 

Moreover, avoid using excessive heating appliances as they remove moisture from your hair and scalp, causing hair brittleness. So try protective hairdos as they keep your hair’s wind up shielded.

4. Give your scalp a regular massage

Scalp massages are best as they stimulate blood circulation, leading to healthy hair growth. Moreover, you’ll always enjoy getting pampered as scalp massages can relax you mentally and physically.

A boost of natural oils can do wonders for your scalp. You can use Argan oil or Macadamia oil in your scalp as these oils effectively strengthen hair shafts and nourish hair roots. This way, massage promotes new hair growth by lubricating and deep conditioning your scalp.

5. Get protein Treatments

Protein treatments can infuse your relaxed hair with rich nutrients that minimizes follicle damage and, in turn, strengthens your hair. Moreover, these treatments are best for restoring hydration and nourishment to your rough and dry hair. You can get Keratin-based, Olaplex, or coconut oil treatments from any professional hair expert.


Some people want to alter their curly hair into a straight dead look. For this purpose, they go through a relaxing process as relaxers can provide a permanent solution. The relaxing process can leave your hair brittle, dry which leads to tangling and breakage.

Proper maintenance and care are essential to make your relaxed hair smooth, healthy, strong, and frizz-free. So it’s great to get acknowledged on how to take care of relaxed hair and make it grow. 

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