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How to Get Rid of Brassy Hair with Home Remedies that Work!

How to Get Rid of Brassy Hair with Home Remedies

How to Get Rid of Brassy Hair with Home Remedies: Brassy hair can be an attractive nuisance that has many of us second-guessing our hair color choice and looking for ways to get rid of brassy hair at home. Fortunately, plenty of natural ingredients and home remedies can help take the brassiness out of your hair, making it look and feel more vibrant and honest once again. Here are some simple tips to eliminate brassy hair with home remedies that work!

How to protect hair from turning brassy?

Hair can turn brassy due to heat damage, chemical treatments, or natural aging. Luckily, we have some easy and cheap ways to take care of the problem and enjoy your original hair color. How to get rid of brassy hair with home remedies:

The first step is to deep condition your hair with a mask specifically designed for chemically treated hair. You can use this method twice weekly until you notice your color change. Another way is to use baking soda paste only on lightened highlights or bleached sections. Leave it for ten min, then rinse out with cold water. 

To protect against unwanted brassiness in the future, try using a leave-in conditioner before using any other product on the rest of your head. Avoid overusing chemical treatments such as chlorine, ammonia, and bleach for extended periods.

Some of the How to Get Rid of Brassy Hair with Home Remedies

How to Get Rid of Brassy Hair with Home Remedies

Let’s get started on How to Get Rid of Brassy Hair with Home Remedies

1: Apple Cider Vinegar For Brassiness

Apple Cider Vinegar is the most inexpensive and effective home remedy for getting rid of brassy hair. It works best when mixed with lemon juice, although apple cider vinegar alone can help. The vinegar interacts with the copper in your hair, turning it a more natural blonde color.

You will need to use this remedy every time you wash your hair, which might not be very convenient if you have short hair or if it is a hassle in some other way. It also makes your scalp feel itchy and dryer than usual, so don’t do this too often, or your scalp will become irritated.

2: Baking Soda For Brassiness

Most people have experienced having blonde hair turn brassy due to their hair’s contact with chlorine and metals. If you have darker natural hair color but always want light brown/blonde highlights, these home remedies will work just as well to eliminate any brassiness that may develop over time. There are some easy remedies for this problem, including baking soda. 

The alkaline pH helps remove brassiness from your hair:

  1. This is done if you mix two teaspoons of baking soda in 8 ounces (or 240ml) of water. 
  2. After thoroughly wetting your hair, pour the solution over your head and comb it through for a minimum of 5 minutes before washing it out with shampoo and conditioner or a clarifying shampoo. 
  3. Rinse thoroughly before drying or styling.
  4.  If you do not want to rewash your hair, use a dry shampoo or spray on some volume-enhancing products. And if you don’t want to touch up your roots every few weeks, trim off an inch or two of your hair every six weeks so the new growth doesn’t cause too much brassiness.

3: Lemon Juice For Brassiness

How to Get Rid of Brassy Hair with Home Remedies

Did you know that lemon juice can be used as a hair remedy? It is inexpensive and natural, which is a win-win. Using lemon in your routine removes the brassiness, strengthens your hair, and has lightening properties. There are various ways to use lemon juice to help remove brassy or yellow tones in your locks, so let’s get started!

  1. Begin by cutting a lemon in half and squeezing it into a small bowl. 
  2. Once you have enough of what you need, dip two cotton balls into the juice. 
  3. If your hair is thick or long, you may want more than two pieces of cotton. 
  4. Now find any open part on your head and apply the mixture from root to tip. After ten minutes, rinse out with cool water. 
  5. The best way to do this is to apply shampoo and rinse off quickly with cold water followed by warm water. 
  6. Repeat until all the lemon juice is gone from your hair. 
  7. For additional benefits, try using a sulfate-free shampoo (to prevent dryness) and conditioner with deep moisturizing properties like Shea butter for shine and luster.

4: Coconut Oil For Brassiness

Coconut oil can work wonders for unwanted brassiness. It’s essential to use good quality oils because some contain chemicals that may react negatively with other products. The other great thing about using coconut oil is that it contains lauric acid, which has been shown to have antimicrobial properties and can kill bacteria causing acne or other skin conditions like eczema or psoriasis.

  1. Mix a quarter-sized dollop with your favorite conditioner and comb through your hair before rinsing it out. 
  2. Next, apply coconut oil to your scalp and work it through with a wide tooth comb, making sure not to miss any strands. 
  3. Let the oil sit on your hair for at least two hours, then shampoo and condition as usual. 
  4. The beauty of this home remedy is that the natural oil moisturizes dry hair without dulling its tone or adding frizz or greasiness. 
  5. You may need to do a few rounds for the best results. 

5: Lemon and Honey Toner for Brassiness

How to Get Rid of Brassy Hair with Home Remedies

If you’ve had a chemical dye job and your hair is turning brassy from the warmer tones, try the Lemon and Honey Toner remedy. While some are concerned about the acids in lemon, these acids will remove any buildup on your scalp and balance out any yellow tones while simultaneously bringing warmth to an ashy head of hair. This particular recipe is popular because it leaves a pleasant scent behind, is healthy for your hair, and works quickly. 

  1. You need equal parts lemon juice and honey.
  2. Just mix them until the honey is thoroughly dissolved into the lemon juice. 
  3. Then put two tablespoons of this mixture in eight ounces of water, adding salt or dishwashing soap. 
  4. Rinse your hair with this toner at least twice a week to eliminate brassy hairs caused by chemical dyes. Remember to leave the mixture on your hair for 10 minutes before rinsing.

6: Green Tea Tone for Brassinenss

Green Tea Tone is a tried and true home remedy for brashness. Use it sparingly, however, as it can also tone down highlights. 

  1. Mix one egg white with two tablespoons of boiling water, and add four or five drops of green tea extract. 
  2. This can be applied in the shower on wet hair before shampooing; it has the added benefit of helping hair retain its moisture content longer, preventing unwanted brassiness in the first place. 
  3. For darker hair tones, mix ten drops of green tea extract with three teaspoons of raw honey and apple cider vinegar, plus six ounces (180 ml) of bottled water. 
  4. Apply this mixture onto dry hair before bedtime, cover your head with a towel or wrap for up to 20 minutes, then rinse thoroughly. 
  5. These DIY remedies are all nontoxic and inexpensive, making them an ideal choice for protecting hair tone.

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Why do hairs turn brassy? 

In other words, the tones of red in a hair usually match the underlying undertone or the natural color of the hair shaft. When these undertones are purple, for example, and there is a lot of direct light on the hair, these violet-red tones can appear reddish brown (brassy). This can happen even if you have previously dyed your hair with ash or a calm manner and find that it’s turning brassy.

Here are some reasons why this may be happening: 

  1. The residue from when you first dye your hair or highlight is washed over time. Excessive shampooing will remove all of the colorants at once. You need to use a gentle shampoo and often rinse while washing to preserve the condition of your hair but not strip away any color. 
  2. Hot water tends to open up cuticles, allowing a little more oxidation. Your hair will get some copper through osmosis which turns it darker than you intended. Using a warm water wash method, go with cooler water temperatures so that less copper gets into your strands by opening up those cuticles too much. -You might take supplements like iron, vitamins A & E, or soy. These foods contain substances called beta carotene, which are orange in color and end up coating your hair too. 
  3. It could also be due to new growth in dark brown and only being lighter because it washes off during the first few washes after coloring them. It just takes a few weeks for that pigment to grow out of your locks again until they return to their original shade of blonde. 
  4. The acidity level in our bodies constantly fluctuates, causing our pH levels to change accordingly. Eating a diet with a lot of acidic foods and drinks, such as sodas, coffee, alcohol, processed meats, etc., changes the pH balance in our body, which affects how well the chemicals in our hair products work. 
  5. When people say I’m going grey, they mean I’m going brassy. That’s because your new grey hairs don’t absorb light the same way that most colors do. As I mentioned, hair color looks different depending on how much light hits it. Gray hairs reflect no light whatsoever, so when you see someone with a head full of grays meaning more white than anything else–they’ll look yellow rather than silver/blonde/black, etc. Brassy hair remedy 
  6. You can fix brassy hair by using a few home remedies: save money. Apple cider vinegar is one home remedy for brassy hair with which many people are familiar. It is applied directly to locks or put into a spray bottle and then used in place of your regular hair spray. The smell will vanish once it dries out your locks, so no worries. Another method for getting rid of brassy hair involves using white vinegar with equal water and diluting it half-and-half with peroxide. It can be used alone or as a leave-in conditioner, depending on your choice.

Some Hair care tips to protect from brassy hairs.

There are many ways to eliminate brassiness, one of which is to use a product containing a pink or blue toner. Some shampoos are specifically designed to combat brassiness, too. One of the most popular home remedies is baking soda mixed with lemon juice and apple cider vinegar. This combination will help remove the brassiness and restore your hair color to its former glory. 

  1. Protect your color from sun damage: When spending time in the sun, put on a hat, or even better, wear a head scarf to cover as much skin as possible to keep it from getting tanned. 
  2. Don’t apply hair dye on both ends: Section off the hair you want to be dyed and dye only the parts closer to your scalp before proceeding to the other sections of hair. 
  3. Change your shampoo and conditioner: Brassy shades are created when some molecules bind with pigment molecules and deposit themselves in each strand of hair, so change what you’re using to avoid this undesirable hue-of-copper situation. 
  4. Use cool water instead of hot water: Hot water can damage your hair if used too often, and because brassy tones develop over time, they may intensify depending on how often you use hot water. 
  5. Stay away from bleaching chemicals: Keep those harsher chemicals away to protect against any potential damage to the cuticle layer – which is especially important for people who use bleach regularly since this action can cause significant dryness in the hair. 
  6. Avoid styling products with alcohols (alcohol denat.): These ingredients may be harsh for sensitive scalps or skin but can also do several damages like making hair more susceptible to breakage and frizziness after washing them out; they are not great for anyone’s strands since the result is dryness again. 
  7. Rinse with a light vinegar solution: For blondes struggling with brassy roots, adding a capful of apple cider vinegar to their rinse cycle will help remove unwanted golden tones. 
  8. Opt for cooler colors: Redheads might find relief by opting for more fabulous shades that won’t emphasize warm undertones already in their natural hair coloring
  9. Add blue lights to your bathroom: Blue lights make orange-toned lightbulbs seem less orange, resulting in whiter-looking whites and brighter colors.
  10. Drink enough water: Drinking plenty of water will give you healthy hair from root to tip because it supplies the body with essential nutrients like vitamins A and D, which help produce sebum oil needed for shiny locks
How to Get Rid of Brassy Hair with Home Remedies


Here are some important FAQS:

How to get rid of brassy color in hair?

Brassy hair can be anything from a yellow or reddish tint in your blonde hair, or it can be light, and you’re just calling it brassy. The first way to eliminate brassy colors is by shampooing every other day. This will prevent stripping the hair with harsh chemicals. The second way is by using a clarifying shampoo to keep the pH balance and limit buildup.

What color does shampoo cure copper brassy hair?

One of the most popular and well-known methods for getting rid of brassy hair is using products like shampoos, creams, and even gels with ingredients like violet or purple. Some natural remedies can work wonders and cost nothing but your time. These include rubbing fresh lemon juice on the roots of your hair; leaving it in for 10 minutes before washing it off with water.

What color of food coloring is best for brassy hair?

A friend gave me the idea to mix red and orange food coloring in an old shampoo bottle. Then I applied it to my hair. After I rinsed it out, the brassiness was completely gone. It seemed so simple, but it worked! Many different colors can work for this home remedy, like blue or yellow, which you can try if you have those on hand. Apple cider vinegar is also a great way to make your hair lighter by removing the unwanted dye from your strands.

Do you need a toner for brassy hair?

A toner is an excellent way to make the brassiness disappear. However, not all toners are created equal; some may have chemicals that can damage your hair over time. There are some DIY options for home toners if you want a low-maintenance solution or you don’t need something super intense.

How to tone down a hair color that is too light?

Brassy hair can occur when the natural tone of your hair is too light and reflects unbalanced levels of yellow and orange. If you want a lighter shade than what you have, it’s best to consult with a stylist before going any lighter. Depending on the chemical service, you can usually fix brassy hair with a color correction treatment. This can be done either chemically or using at-home products like shampoo, conditioner, bleach spray, or toners.


These home remedies can help you get rid of brassy hair. We hope they will help you! Brassy hair can be annoying, and some of these fixes take a little more time to do. Try them out and see which one works best for you! We hope this blog post helped you understand how to get rid of brassy hair at home and why it occurs in the first place.

If you want your hair to stay bright and shiny, keep up with your haircare routine! The healthier your hair is, the less likely it is to turn brassy! What are some other ways you protect from turning brassy? Our recommendation would be to use color-protecting shampoos and conditioners. 

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