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How To Fix Patchy Hair Dye- Comprehensive Details On Everything You Need To Know About Patchy Hair!

how to fix patchy hair dye

Most young people choose to color their hair at home without understanding anything about the process in social media teachings. They are occasionally successful in changing their colors and then sharing them with their millions of followers. However, many more – far more than you may imagine – do not have identical luck. Instead of having a lovely shade, many individuals’ hair becomes spotty and irregular.

Don’t worry if your hair turns out to be two different shades. It occurs, whether due to a fundamental color mistake, inadequate knowledge, or just insufficient attention. Now that you realize you are not the only one with spotty hair color, it’s an opportunity to focus on the essential aspect of the situation: how to fix patchy hair dye. And I guarantee you that the alternative isn’t to chop everything off your hair.

As a result, we will go over each of the causes in greater depth before discussing alternative remedies on how to fix patchy hair dye at home.

Patchy Hair

Hair loss may occur anywhere on the body, including the head, eyebrows, lashes, and face, as well as other areas of the body. It might take a long time to emerge and reoccur.

The condition, known as Alopecia Universalis, can induce complete hair loss and prevent growing back. It’s conceivable that hair will lose out again once it grows back. Hair loss and regeneration vary in intensity from individual to individual.

What is alopecia areata, and how does it affect you?

Alopecia areata is a problem in which hair falls out in tiny areas that might be difficult to see. However, these spots may join and become visible.[]

When the inflammatory response assaults the hair and scalp, causing hair loss, the symptoms appear.

Alopecia areata has no known therapy at this time. However, there seem to be therapies that can promote hair regrow faster and avoid future hair fall and creative techniques to conceal hair loss. There are other alternatives available to assist people in dealing with the situation of hair loss.

What is a patchy hair dye?

Unfortunately, dying your hair at home isn’t always successful. There are various techniques for it to seem spotty and inconsistent.

However, being conscious of some of the most prevalent reasons for uneven hair coloring might help you prevent them.

Causes of patchy hair dye

The ingredients haven’t been well combined: When you unwrap a hair dye package, you will see two items: the dye and the developer. The two chemicals work together to generate color and attach it to each strand of your hair.

However, it would be great if you always combined them correctly to function effectively. You must never forget that if you don’t merge them nicely, they will cause you a great deal of trouble in terms of becoming irregular for your hair.

That patch of hair will seem darker if you use a color that includes too much of the natural dye. On the other side, if you use too much development in your coloring, you will wind up with lighter-looking strands.

Application Errors

It’s enticing to speed up the procedure by shortcuts during the application, but it is time-consuming to dye your hair yourself.

The following are some examples of frequent application errors: You are dyeing the roots initially, skipping strands, particularly towards the back of the skull, not maintaining a count of your starting place, soaking the dye into the hair like washing.

Follow the instructions on the box as precisely as possible to prevent these frequent hair coloring errors. Make a portion of your hair and enlist the aid of a family member or friend to get to difficult hair behind.

Damaged Hair

how to fix patchy hair dye

Hair dye penetrates each hair shaft, enters the hair cell, and reacts with the protein in your hair to drastically alter its color.

If your hairline is brittle or too dry for the dye to function effectively, and even if only a few of your hair follicles are exposed, the outcome will be spotty and irregular.

It’s a great way to start prepping your hair and making sure it’s as fit as possible around a week before you plan to color it. Use a hair mask to strengthen the cuticles after 2 to 3 deep cleansing sessions.

how to fix patchy hair dye?

There are multiple methods to look for and understand how to fix patchy hair dye.

Patchiness across the board

Probably, you did not wholly combine your ingredients if you detected patchiness and inconsistent color across your mop of hair. Fortunately, this is an easy hurdle to solve.

To begin, take another box of the same color as the last one and combine it as well as possible. Don’t be scared to get your hands messy – remembering; you cannot mix it excessively.

Reapply the color to your entire hair after reviewing the guidelines. The new dye will not harm hair cuticles that absorbed the color correctly the last time, but the areas of your hair that were uneven will soak the new shade and seem regular.

If you have an unbalanced root system

You might have wound up with roots that are lighter than the majority of your head if you tried to whiten or color your hair a bright shade. It is unusual and occurred as a result of applying the color to the bases too early.

Acquire a dye color that is one shade lighter than the existing color to repair roots that are inconsistent in color. Then only use the dye on the base. It will level out or slightly darken your sources, both of which are more innate than lighter origins.

Spots that are orange or yellow

If your dye has too much warm pigment, it results in a brassy appearance with patches that seem yellow or orange. If you apply a semi-permanent color to your hair, use lavender-hued shampoo over the next several days. However, if you use a permanent dye, you’ll be required to take additional measures. Select a two-tone darker shade and use it only to the yellow or orange areas.[]

It will be preferable to stay with more fabulous shades with a blue foundation in future colors.

Consult a professional hairstylist

It is okay to schedule an appointment with a specialist if repairing your hair on your own gets frustrating or you’re unclear what went wrong. A skilled hairdresser will have the equipment and know-how to fix patchy hair dye from your hair altogether and start from scratch.

Incorrect Color Formula

It’s necessary to get rid of those drugstore box colors. Yes, they’re fascinating, simple, inexpensive, and handy, but they’re also the most damaging to your hair. Furthermore, removing box dye from a customer’s head is every stylist’s greatest nightmare.

To get the most satisfactory results, switch to a professional hair color mix from a beauty store. Numerous individuals make the error of not thoroughly combining their materials while dyeing their hair at home.

 How I Fixed my Patchy Bleached Hair –

Pro tips and ways to fix patchy hair dye

Don’t be discouraged if you dye your hair and eventually end up with spotty, inconsistent sections. There are multiple alternatives for correcting your errors.

Contact a professional hairdresser for the most pleasing results

They’ll have all the equipment and methods to make your hair appear excellent. Meanwhile, attempt a quick fix to level out your natural color and go on with your work.

Above off roots, apply a color mixing product

As your hair develops, this could look considerably different from the color you started with. If you are in a rush, spray a colored dry shampoo item over your origins to help them blend in well with the ends of the hair.

You may use colored dry shampoo to tone down chunky highlights

Take a look in the mirror and figure out where your highlights are the most noticeable. Sprinkle some colored dry shampoo over the uneven areas if you’re seeking a speedy, temporary fix. Look for items that match your natural hair color, such as brownish or golden.

A stylish braid may hide uneven hair: When you style your hair loose, patchy hair might be somewhat noticeable, but don’t be frightened! Create a specific braid with your hair, or make two braids for a more realistic picture. If you have the possibility, talk to a stylist to see if they can provide you with any long-term answers to your problem.

For this situation, French and Italian braids are excellent options. And meanwhile, pull your hair up in a ponytail to hide more evident dye mistakes.

If your hair appears to be one-dimensional, curl it

Even when hair dye is applied correctly, the final result might be a little limited and bland. Get a curling iron and see if you can restore some volume and vitality to your hair rather than dying it all over again.

Curl tiny pieces of hair with your curler to add thickness and complexity to your hair. If you wish to experiment with color, you may use color sprays to add shine or embellishments to your hair.

If your brow color doesn’t match your hair, use a brow gel to fix it

It’s not a huge issue if your freshly colored hair doesn’t fit your natural eyebrows perfectly. Apply a tiny amount of eyebrow pencils or eyebrow correctors to your eyebrows to make them one to two shades darker than the rest of your colored hair.

You may also use concealing powder to fill in the gaps around your roots. Your eyebrows don’t have to complement your hair perfectly. Most people’s eyebrows are darker than their hair color.

You can use warmer hair color to soften sharp ombre lines

Choose a hair dye shade that is somewhat warmer than your usual hair color to assist blend your natural hair with your ombre’s blonde part.

Distribute and reapply the dye from the start to the finish of your hair, which will help integrate your present ombre into something more appealing. This process necessitates the application of a semi-permanent dye.

Use a darker hair dye to cover any uneven areas

When you use hair dye at home, your scalp may heat various portions of your hair irregularly, making specific areas of your hair, such as the roots, appear lighter than others. Take a hair color that’s a tone darker than the one you started with and apply it to any inconsistent areas of your roots.

how to fix patchy hair dye

Begin with the tips and up to the base if you’re coloring your hair again.[] Your hairline won’t get as much time to heat up and interfere with the dye pigment if you do it this manner. To help smooth out any yellowish undertones in pale blonde highlights, consider using a purple shampoo.

Properly combine the developer and dye

Examine your bleach powder and the developer’s instructions to discover how long it would take to get an equivalent combination. To ensure that your bleach mixture is uniform throughout, combine the ingredients in the appropriate quantities. Your hair may seem unequal afterward if the structure isn’t constant.

Apply your color combination evenly to get a uniform appearance

Apply the bleach or color to your hair in straight, equal motions to ensure that the whole length of your hair is coated with the same quantity of the solution. If you apply extra bleach or dye in one place and a light coating in the other, your hair will most likely seem patchy. When bleaching your hair, it’s a good idea to seek the support of a friend or family member.

For the most pleasing results, have your hair fixed by a colorist

A hairdresser or hairstylist is your best chance for achieving the hair color you desire if you have the precious time. A hairstylist can give you more precise advice and point you in the direction of a treatment you’ll love.

How to apply hair dye correctly?

Here I’m going to explain How to apply hair dye correctly?

Begin with a head of healthy, even hair

To guarantee that the hair color adheres uniformly to your hair, begin with hair that is as strong and even as feasible. It’s advisable to wait or see a specialist if you think your hair is severely damaged before dying it at home. Hair has been known for breaking off if it is severely damaged.

Regularly using a bonding agent on your hair will guarantee that most hair cells stay sealed and unharmed. If some of them are uncovered, the dye will probably seem darker in some areas.

Thoroughly mix your dye.

If you don’t mix the hair color appropriately, you’ll almost certainly end up with a patchy color. Take the time to read and follow the box’s instructions. Follow all of the procedures and double-check that the volume is appropriately set.

If you’ve ever dyed your hair and had severe scalp burns try mixing in a small packet to help lessen the significant limitation of ammonia. The hair dye cannot be overmixed. However, it can be undermixed. Don’t be scared to use all of your arm strength to stir the container or shake the bottle.

Experiment with a Strand

Take a moment to sample a quarter-inch thick part of hair before starting the coloring procedure.[][] If you have thin hair, the dye may finish up to 10 minutes earlier than the instructions on the package say. If your hair is rough or brittle, the ideal limit on the package may not be enough. You may find out the correct timing for most of your hair by initially testing coloring a piece of hair.


The outcome will be determined by how you apply your hair dye. Improper application is one of the most prevalent reasons for an uneven dye job. Many individuals risk soaking the color into their hair as shampooing rather than investing their time. That’s not a good idea!

The most essential thing you should do is partition your hair.

What if hair color ingredients are not mixed well?

When combining the hair dye with the developer, you must be extremely careful. We all know that if the cake mixture is not adequately prepared for baking, the cake will not rise. Similarly, if you don’t properly balance the hair color solution, you’ll end up with uneven patches.

Before putting a cream on your hair, ensure it’s properly blended. It is because only the dye part of your hair will operate in specific regions of your hair, resulting in natural hair. On the other hand, the developer will brighten the hair in other places, leading to uneven hair color or zebra lines.

How to fix it?

Consider dying your hair again if your hair color has become spotty. However, ensure the dye and developer are appropriately mixed this time.

While combining, re-check all of the instructions on the developer and bleach powder packets to see how much time is required to produce an equal solution.

To ensure a seamless, flexible, creamy, and uniform solution that won’t drop and is simple to apply, combine all ingredients in a mixer.

If the paste consistency isn’t uniform, your hair may appear unequal afterward.

Smoothly apply from the roots to the tips of your hair and leave it on for forty to fifty minutes before washing it off. Your hair will be even in color.

Frequently Asked Questions

All Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How do you not miss any spot when dying hair?

If you’ve ignored any spots, reapply the dye with your gloves on. Alternatively, have a buddy check and wear a pair of gloves to aid in dyeing difficult-to-reach areas. After waiting the time suggested on the color container, rinse your hair in the bath. You’ll have to wait 30 minutes with most colors.

2. How do I fix patches in dry hair?

Re Dying your hair, but one shade darker is the most excellent way to correct this. For instance, if you used a level 7 blonde and finished up with just an uneven hue, this would be an example. You’ll need to bleach your hair and color it to a level 6 blonde. The deeper color should be able to cover up the lighter spots.

3. How long should we wait to dye and fix the hair again?

To avoid irreversible hair damage, the most crucial thing you could do is wait two weeks before using the color again. Recall that if you used a semi-permanent color that didn’t look so fantastic, you could always try washing your shampoo a few times to fade it and make it lighter.

4. What’s the best way to get even coverage with hair dye?

Even if you’re using the identical color throughout, divide your hair into four sections (2 in front of your ears and 2 in the rear) and work your way from back to front. Also, if you’re dying your hair and only have to touch up your bases, don’t go overboard and dye your entire head.


It’s not as easy as swinging a magic stick to dye your hair at home. A lot may go incorrect if you make typical errors like not combining your chemicals, coloring damaged hair, or obeying guidelines. Luckily, many hair coloring errors are simple to correct, so you can learn how to fix patchy hair dye yourself in no time.

You can frequently have your hair appear genuine and uniformly colored within only a few minutes if you’re re-dyeing troublesome spots or using essential home items. It’s also quite acceptable to seek the help of a qualified stylist.