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How long does semi-permanent hair dye last- A comprehensive answer to all your queries

How long does semi-permanent hair dye last

If you’re craving a hair makeover that doesn’t last forever, a semi-permanent hair dye goes best for you! 

You’ll get to enjoy an exciting new look yet without a long-term commitment to a new color. However, if you get attached to that particular shade, you can pursue the same color in your hair for touch-ups. 

Semi-permanent hair dye is great for short-term hair color changes that only coat your hair shaft. It is generally free from ammonia or bleach, so your natural hair shade won’t go lighter. Besides this, it makes an easy on and off method, and you can easily switch from one shade to another. So, if you want to attempt a variety of trending colors on your hair, semi-permanent hair dye is the perfect solution for you. 

Now you might wonder how long does semi-permanent hair dye last. In this blog post, we’ll answer all your queries related to semi-permanent hair dyes. So without waiting further, let’s begin this exciting journey!

What differentiates semi-permanent hair dyes from permanent ones?

Permanent hair dyes are a long-term commitment and give you a complete change in your look and up to 100% of grey coverage. These dyes use a combination of hydrogen peroxide and ammonia to open the hair cuticle, interact with the melanin, and then alter the composition of your hair. 

As permanent hair dye changes the structure of your hair, so it lasts until you go for re-dying or cutting your hair. The dye won’t wash out with shampoos and won’t fade with time, so it’s only suitable for ones looking for profound color changes.

However, if you’re looking for an option that’s a bit more natural on sensitive strands,semi-permanent hair dyes are your holy grail. Now, you won’t get a long-term alteration in your hair color. 

These dyes are usually less damaging to your hair because they sit on the surface. And that’s the reason why they fade out quicker than permanent hair dyes. Semi-permanent dyes are free from ammonia, so they can’t enter the hair cuticle and thus won’t change your natural hair color composition. They’re easy to blend in your hair and are usually used to enhance your hair’s natural color.

Why semi-permanent hair dyes are a better option?

Here I’m going to explain Why semi-permanent hair dyes are a better option?

No long-term scary commitments

The most significant benefit of semi-permanent hair dyes is that they don’t last long. Now you’re free to adopt any trending hair color or style. They don’t alter the structure or color of your hair permanently, which is ideal for short-term color changes. After a few washes, you’ll get back to your original color. Play with your hair without any care. 

An excellent choice for beginners

If you’re new to hair dying, semi-permanent hair color is a perfect choice as it’s less intimidating and easier to apply. Your hair transformation is just 3 steps away from you. All you have to do is:

  • Mix the color
  • Apply it all over your hair (or the area you want to dye)
  • Rinse it after the given time

No ammonia means no permanent damage

Semi-permanent dyes are generally free from ammonia, so they are less damaging to your hair shafts. They don’t penetrate to the cortex of your hair, so don’t alter the composition of your natural hair pigment (melanin). They give your hair a natural gloss and refreshment without affecting the original shade of your hair.

When should you go for a permanent hair dye?

Here I’m going to explain a permanent hair dye?

Lightening locks and getting rid of grey hair

How long does semi-permanent hair dye last

Permanent hair color reduces the intensity of your natural color by up to two shades without requiring supplementary products like bleach. These products alter the color of your hair permanently – the gold standard option for covering grays.

These chemicals react with the pigments of your hair and convert them from gray to another color. The permanent hair dyes are usually more effective at covering grays, giving up to 100% coverage.

A long-term convenience

Often we find a shade that suits us, and we are pleased sticking with it – a permanent hair dye goes best for this. If you know what shade you’ll get at the end, there is no harm with going permanent. So you can save your effort, time, and an extra step of intricacy at home by getting permanent hair color.

Intense coloring pays off

Permanent hair dyes offer rich and long-lasting colors that don’t fade quickly as semi-permanent dyes. Realistically, the permanent dye can’t fade until you cut your hair out or re-dye your hair color, so it’s a big commitment. In addition to this, permanent dyes need fewer applications overtime to preserve your color, which is suitable when you’re pressed for time.

How long does semi-permanent hair dye last?

There are several reasons to go for semi-permanent hair dyes instead of permanent dyes! It is because semi-permanent hair color is less harsh on your hair strands and offers minor damage. I’ll justify the answer to “how long does semi-permanent hair dye last” with logical reasoning.

Semi-permanent hair dyes usually last for about six weeks, and the color will often start to fade earlier than that. Mostly it depends upon factors like your shampoo usage and the dye you’ve chosen for your hair. Do you know how long does red semi-permanent hair dye lasts? It is observed that red and blue semi-permanent dyes can last even more than six weeks.

Semi-permanent dyes don’t contain ammonia or bleach in them, so they maintain your natural hair shade. They’ll fade with excess shampooing and simple exposure to harsh environmental conditions. If you want your dye to last for a longer time, you must properly take care of them. You can go for a gentle shampoo and conditioner free from parabens and sulfates as they help to sustain your new hair color. Moreover, you should avoid swimming in chlorinated water or exposure to the sun as these two significantly impact your dyed hair.

But hang on! There is another fact; your semi-permanent hair dye can fade earlier than six weeks. It depends whether or not you’re using heat to set your hair and for how long you’ve let the color sit in your hair. Here are some other considerations that can answer how long does semi-permanent hair dye lasts on bleached hair!

· If you bleach your hair, hair dye will attract your hair and give them a permanent color.

· Is the color you used for hair dye similar to your natural color? If yes, it’ll fade out a bit better without looking fake when your new roots start growing.

· Damaged or dry hair can retain semi-permanent hair dye better than healthy hair.

· the brand you’re using for hair dyeing matters a lot. Some brands are best at bonding with your hair, and their dye lasts for more than six weeks.

Strength of semi-permanent hair dyes – how to get rid of semi-permanent hair dyes?

Here I’m going to explain how to get rid of semi-permanent hair dyes?

The strength of semi-permanent hair dye is a crucial matter

The potency of semi-permanent hair dye depends on ingredients like peroxide. The concentration and quality of peroxide mixes with the color vary from brand to brand and dye to dye. 

If the peroxide level is more substantial, you’ll get more coverage for your hair. Also, stronger peroxide can give brighter shades as you’ll see new roots grow in before the dye starts fading out. However, weaker peroxide gives lesser coverage, and the results aren’t much brighter. The weaker peroxide is commonly present in ashy, red, and gold hair colors.

How to get rid of semi-permanent hair dyes?

Here we are talking about How to get rid of semi-permanent hair dyes?

Try clarifying shampoo

It’s better if you use clarifying shampoos to eliminate semi-permanent dyes as they can remove the hair color away and make them fade faster. The counter clarifying shampoos such as Pharmaceutical and anti-dandruff products can fade away dye color. However, it would be best to use a deep moisturizing hair mask after using these shampoos that restore strength and balance to your hair.

Use Vitamin C tablets

How long does semi-permanent hair dye last

Vitamin C tablets can help you remove dye from your hair. Take some vitamin C tablets, crush them, mix them with your shampoo and apply it all over your head for 45 minutes. It works for you as Vitamin C is acidic, and according to studies, acids tend to oxidize your dye.

Try semi-permanent color remover

You can easily buy semi-permanent color remover from the market at a lower price. They can strip the dye from your hair without using ammonia or bleach, and they are also less damaging. However, hair color remover gives an unpleasant smell and may take several shifts to fade the dye.

Does semi-permanent hair dye wash out completely?

As the name indicates – semi-permanent hair dyes aren’t meant to last forever. These chemical dyes start fading out after a few washes. You may wonder does semi-permanent hair dye wash out thoroughly. It depends on some conditions:

The texture of your hair and the brand you’re using

Certain brands and products work differently with your hair type. Some high-end brands manufacture extended hair dye color, while others manufacture dyes using ingredients that fade out quickly. The capacity of hair dye also depends on your hair texture. Thicker hair will generally fade quicker than fine hair. Moreover, healthy hair is less porous, and the dye can easily wash out from them.

The shade of dye you’ve chosen

The dye color you select for yourself indicates how well the color will fade. For instance, black is well-known for being difficult to remove, and red is notorious for losing its sonority and fading quickly. Moreover, hair dye depends on the health and condition of your hair thickness, type, and texture.

How close the dye color to your natural hair color

The dye color also depends on the original color of your hair. For example, if you’re a natural blonde and choose a black or dark brown semi-permanent dye, the chances of it washing out are comparatively less. The case will be different if you select a lighter or similar color to your natural hair.

How hair dye works on raw vs. processed hair

The dye will work differently on processed or raw hair. If you’ve natural or unprocessed hair and trying dye for the first time, the dye won’t fade out on the first attempt.

How to make semi-permanent hair dye last longer?

Semi-permanent hair dyes are designed to fade out with time, but some factors can make them last for longer. Let’s discuss how to make semi-permanent hair dye last longer.

1. Follow proper washing strategy

Wait for at least 75 hours before washing your hair after getting a dye. It can help close the hair cuticles and lock the dye inside your hair.

Moreover, you should avoid shampooing your hair frequently. Semi-permanent hair dye loses a part of it with every wash. So, try to use your shampoo once or twice a week to maintain your hair dye and extend its staying period.

Don’t forget to wash your hair with lukewarm water because hot water will loosen the dye’s bonding with your hair.

After washing your hair, gently massage your head with soft pads of your fingers. It would help you avoid harsh scrubbing as it can make the dye wash out sooner.

You must be gentle while you towel-dry your hair as being too rough can scrub out the color.

2. Sunrays are not good for your dyed hair

It would be best to avoid being exposed to sunlight and tanning beds as overexposure is popular and effective. Overexposure works because when a person’s strand of DNA absorbs more UV radiation than it can handle then these cells will break down which causes them to lose pigment or fade away entirely.

There have been studies conducted on animals who had their fur removed–the same thing happens in human tissue if there isn’t enough melanin present!

The sunlight quickly affects your hair color. Always use a hair serum with Ultraviolet (UV) protection when you’re out in the sun [1][2].

3. Try using color-protectant products

Here we are talking about the Try using color-protectant products:

1) Damage Repairing Shampoo

This shampoo will really get rid of any damage from frizz or color treatments while also helping protect against future Keratin treatments because they contain natural amino acids like protein which helps smooth out brittle ends 

2) Oil Eliminating conditioner

This deep conditioning treatment conditions at interior layers leaving a regenerating effect

4. Make sure you’re using the right tools

Using the right tools is essential for maintaining your hair.

Don’t use metal combs or brushes on wet hair! this will cause extreme damage to your tresses. Always make sure you’re using the right tools for any type of styling job, as these can be very damaging if not used correctly 

Always stay away from using heated appliances like curling irons, straighteners, or blow-drying your hair. These heating tools have adverse effects on your hair; they not only fade the hair color but damage your hair as well.

5. Swimming in cholrinated water isn’t a safe choice

Proper hair care can help your hair stay smooth and shinier for longer.

Your hair dye doesn’t sweep all at once. Chlorine is added to swimming pools for disinfecting the water. This disinfecting agent works as an oxidizing agent and fades your hair dye. Your hair becomes dull, patchy, and lifeless. So, it’s better to avoid swimming at least for 3-4 weeks after coloring your hair with a semi-permanent dye.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

All Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Does semi-permanent hair dye wash out completely?

Yes, semi-permanent hair dyes can wash out completely at the end because they are designed to fade out over time. These dyes only cover the exterior of your hair shaft and do not bind permanently to your hair follicles. 

But if you love your new look and want to retain your semi-permanent hair dye, you can try a touch-up color to your hair after a few weeks. It’s the best idea to prevent your new hair color from fading.

Q. Is semi-permanent hair dye better than permanent?

Semi-permanent hair dyes don’t last long like permanent ones; they are not prudent for women looking for substantial change. They don’t allow significant highlighting or darkening in your hair; instead, they enhance your natural hair shine. However, permanent hair dyes can darken, lighten, or alter the composition of your hair – they last more than six weeks.

Q. How many washes does semi-permanent hair color last?

Semi-permanent hair colors can last for about six weeks, but they can go longer if you follow instructions carefully. You should avoid excess shampooing, exposure to the sun, heating tools, and chlorinated swimming pools if you want to maintain your hair dye for a longer duration.

Q. Are semi-permanent hair dyes damaging?

You may wonder, is semi-permanent hair dye damaging

Since semi-permanent hair dyes coat the outside surface of your hair, so they don’t cause any potential damage to your hair. Semi-permanent hair dye can’t penetrate the cortex of your hair follicles as it doesn’t contain ammonia. This way, it doesn’t permanently affect your natural melanin. Semi-permanent dyes are suitable to intensify the natural hair color and add radiance.

The takeaway

It’s pretty exciting to express yourself by changing your hair color. However, shifting to a permanent dye is a challenging process as you need to be sure to commit the hair color. So if you want to try a new hair dye, but the thought of trying something everlasting makes you anxious – don’t go for it!

The next choice for you could be a semi-permanent hair dye, which will give you luxurious color without long-term liability. Moreover, semi-permanent hair dyes are more user-friendly, gentle, and perfect for experimenting with different hair colors. I hope you’ve found the correct answer to how long does semi-permanent hair dye last

I’m more than just happy to help you with all of your queries related to haircare, dyeing, hair treatments, and much more! 

If you found these answers helpful, show some love, and share your remarks in the comments!

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