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Frizzy perms- How, why, and when to get rid of frizzy perms [A complete guide]

frizzy perms

Imagine walking into any event with your showstopper attire, long heels, glam makeup look, and flaunting your long hair. All the eyes in the party roll towards you to see your face of the night, giving you all the attention, you deserve. But suddenly, it happens.

The frizz of your hair plans to come back with the open night atmosphere and ruins all your glamorous look. You feel like your look has been tarnished, and your dreams to impress everyone have been shattered. You still have on-the-point makeup with the lovely dress, but these frizzy perms have leveled down your beauty in just one second.

If you also imagine yourself in such a scenario, hang on there. We can advise you to look the best of yourself at any party, anywhere, anytime.

We understand that you can get the best of clothing and other accessories to steal the show tonight. However, the perm frizzy hair is not in your hands. They can appear anywhere, anytime.

You can calm down the frizz by simply following our guide. So, today’s guide is about how to fix frizzy permed hair and how and why it appears to ruin your day.

Perm looking frizzy. What’s the reason!

Most of us are the blessed ones who have natural curls. At the same time, the remaining perm their hairs to get the artificial curly look for their hair.

No matter which types you belong to, out of above mentioned, you must have gone through frizzy perms in your life.

There are numerous reasons behind perm frizzy hair. Once you get to know the actual reason behind it, you will be on the right path. You will eventually get to know how to fix frizzy permed hair. So let’s get started to understand the reasons behind this dilemma.

·      Are you brushing/combing it right?

We have been taught a rule of thumb to comb or brush hair to avoid any tangles constantly. It massages your hair roots and makes them longer—also, it’s good for the scalp.

That being said, this rule doesn’t imply curly heads. If you have perms and curls, it is best to avoid:

  • Frequent brushing or combing
  • Use of thin teethed combs or brush

Another most straightforward way to detangle your hair is to use your fingers. Yes, as shown in films, you can do that in real life to save up your curls.

frizzy perms

·      Have you taken a shower too early?

Once you are done with your perming session, it is best to stay away from showering for at most two days. If you have natural curls, also, in that case, you should avoid taking frequent hair washes and combing.

Washing your hairs too early after getting perms can:

  • Stop the curling process
  • Wash away the newly made curls

If you can’t wait for two or three days, you might end up looking disaster (or maybe someone who knows the witchcraft).

Are you escaping conditioner from your shower rituals?

If the answer is yes, you should strictly start using conditioner. However, the right way to apply conditioner on hair is to apply it to the length of the hair. Applying it on the scalp is of no use as you need to end frizz from your hair length.

How to fix and calm down permed hair? [Fix frizzy permed hair]

As we just discussed, there could be various reasons for frizzy perms; all you need is to identify the reason for your frizz.

Whether it is the weather, frequent combing, or early washing of your hair, you need to know the culprit. Once done, we can move towards the next step of this guide: fixing your frizzy perms.

·      Wash right away if you don’t like it

If you feel that the stylist is not doing the right job, you can undo the action.

Simply go to the shower once you are done with the session. Wash your hair thoroughly from the roots. Then apply the conditioner and give it some time.

After getting out of the shower, cover your hair with a cap. And leave the conditioner there all day long. Then wash it properly.

Though it will not completely straighten your hair to its original shape, you can still minimize the damage.

·      Keep moisturizing your hair

It is not new to moisturize your hair properly. Your scalp needs some attention too. Moisturizing helps the scalp to stay hydrated.

Even in the case of frizzy perms, you need to follow the same formula. Just apply good-quality moisturizer to your head.

It locks the curls and lessens the chances of frizzy hair. However, you need to make sure that you are applying the right moisturizer.

A thick moisturizer can block the root hair, causing sebum to grow. It eventually ends with a greasy and unpleasant look.

On the other hand, a light moisturizer can perform very well. It can protect your hair from harsh weather, humidity, and sunlight. Thus, it ensures frizz-free perms.

·      Redefine your showering habits

To avoid frizzy perms, you must make some changes to your shower routine. First, you need to include a conditioner in your shower routine. Second, you must apply the conditioner across the length.

Third, your shampoo must be effective enough to lock the curls. You can choose from shampoos having oils like coconut oil, argan oil, shea butter, etc. Also, avoid using shampoos that have strong chemicals like alcohol or even sulfates.

Fourth, try not to comb or brush wet hair. Fifth, avoid rubbing your hair against a towel to make your hair dry. Sixth, avoid washing your hair with hot water. It can damage your hair shape. Further, it removes all moisture from your hair, leaving hair dry. Due to that, you can get fizzy hair. Last, do not use a dryer too closely to dry your hair.

Using a blow dryer too close to your hair can denature hair protein. As a result, you get frizzy perms.

·      Apply some hair mask

hair masks work effectively to moisturize your hair. Also, it nourishes your hair and protects them against harsh weather. Moreover, it provides shine and strength to your hair.

One of such hair masks is coconut oil. It efficiently locks all the curls and moisture of your hair. The best way to apply a hair mask is to apply it just an hour ago from the shower.[]

For better results, you should cover your hair with a towel or cap. Also, you can use cotton handkerchiefs to wrap your hair.

After leaving it for about an hour or so, you can go for a shower. But do not leave it for a day as it might clog scalp pores. As a result, your head will start growing sebum and excessive oil.

·      Start having protein treatment

It is a known fact that hair is made up of a protein called keratin. It can quickly get denatured or start to lose its shape in hotter temperatures.

If you live are in a sunny region and your hair receives a lot of heat daily, it is ideal for getting protein treatment once a week. Even if you are fond of using a blow dryer frequently, you should consider this treatment.

During this treatment, protein regains their original shape and become stable. It also provides strength to your hair. As a result, your hair starts regaining its natural curls. Due to this, you get less or no frizzy perms.

·      Try applying deep conditioners

Deep conditioners work like moisturizers. They lock the shape and retain hair curls. Also, they nourish your hair and make them shiny.

The best way to apply deep conditioner is to apply them after the shower and leave for a day long. Meanwhile, you must cover your hair with a towel. This way conditioner can work effectively.

Just before going to bed, you can rinse your hair with water.

·      Start using a microfiber towel

There are some brands out in the market that are selling microfiber towels. Due to this, we see a lot of buzz associated with this name. But what do they really are and how do they work?

Microfiber towels are specially designed to dry your hair after a shower. They are made up of fibers, as the name says. Above all, they are a thousand times better than regular cotton towels.

Cotton towels are pretty harsh for your hair. And when you rub your hair against the cotton towel, you damage your hair.

Therefore, it is better to use a microfiber towel to avoid frizz.

Remove frizz from permed hair permanently

So, above given tricks can end existing frizz and also help you grow healthy hair. If you try adopting these methods and tricks, you can avoid frizz forever.

However, we still get some questions about how to remove frizz from permed hair permanently? So, to end frizz permanently, you need to follow these rules.

·      Say bye to split ends

Split ends are wrong for every type of hair be it straight, wavy, or permed. They appear due to a bad hair care routine. Also, they are the reason why you start losing all the moisture of your hair. Moreover, split ends are the result of harsh weather or even blow dryers and strong chemicals. While treating your frizzy perms, the first thing you will need to do is to cut split ends. It won’t only end frizz, but also it will help retain moisture. Also, it helps your hair grow further. Anyway, you don’t have to cut a considerable length of your hair. Cutting just a few centimeters would do great.

·      Start hydrating your hair

One of the golden rules for best hair is to hydrate them.

Imagine you have sown a seed for a plant. You have given it all the basics: light, food, and air. But you forgot to water it; would it germinate?

Let’s say you watered it initially, and it started growing. Now due to your hectic routine, you are not able to water it properly. Will it survive then?


The reason is simple. Water is the key. Water helps all the food and other chemicals essential for plant growth float effortlessly in the plant body.

As a result, you see good plant growth. Now apply this analogy to your hair. You want to grow them beautifully, but you fail to hydrate them. Will they grow beautifully? No.

They would grow. But all you will have to see is frizz and split ends.

Therefore, it is essential to keep hydrating your hair. For that, you can apply oils, hair masks, and conditioners.

·      Oil ends of your hair

Make this your habit: oil hair ends after every hair wash.

It is convenient when it comes to nourishing your hair. Also, it locks moisture and ends chances of split ends.

The conclusion is, if you want to end frizz perms forever, you need to do three things.

  1. Get rid of split ends
  2. Hydrate your hair
  3. Oiling the ends

Also, you must practice a healthy hair care routine to get beautiful hair.

Five tips to avoid frizz in permed hair. [Get rid of frizzy permed hair]

Permed hairs are the dream of everyone. Almost everyone among us thinks of spending some money to get our hair permed. However, if it doesn’t end well, you might feel like you have lost a big chunk of money (as the process is pricey).

However, even those who have natural curls are not even saved from this misery. We have seen so many natural curly-haired people who complain about frizz.

So, it is not the artificial method of perming only that causes frizz. It can occur in natural hair. Be what type of perms you have; you need to follow five tips to avoid frizz in permed hair.

Here are those five life-saving tips which you must practice after getting perms.

1.    Avoid hair dye right after perming

Dyeing your hair can expose your hair to extra chemicals. You have already exposed them to chemicals and heat during the perming session. No extra chemical will be too much for them. It may over saturate the tolerance level of your hair.

Therefore, we suggest you keep the idea of dyeing your hair for some time later. Meanwhile, your hair will gain a curly shape. It can save you money too.

Also, do not wash your hair right away after the perming session. It also damages all the perming processes. As a result, some of your hair get curls, while others do not. Hence, you end up having bad plus frizzy perms.

2.    Stay away from heat

Any type of heat- from the dryer, or sunlight, can damage your perms. Also, if you are stepping inside the kitchen after perming, you must stop for a while to cook something.

Exposing your hair to excessive heat right after perming can cause your hair to lose all curls. Even sunlight can also be a pain for your hair.

Don’t worry.

It doesn’t mean that your hair will remain sensitive like this forever. Hair just needs attention and some pampering for some time. Once your perms are all set, after 24 hours, you can start doing all the things.

3.    No hair wash after perming

Perming takes 24 hours to make its place in your hair. In easy words, perming needs 24 hours to gain the perfect shape and create those twirling curls. But before proceeding, you need to sacrifice a bit.

You must stay away from showering for at least 24 hours after getting perms. But sometimes you should avoid doing so for 2 or 3 days, the least time is 24 hours.

If you are showering your hair before that time, get ready for all the frizz and bad perms. You will end up wasting your hair, time, and money.

4.    Use shampoo with natural ingredients

frizzy perms

It is a basic understanding that you already expose your hair to heat and chemicals when you get perms. Now it is best to save them from both for some time.

So, if it has been 24 hours past your perming session, you might need to take a shower. In that case, we suggest that you should use shampoos that have natural ingredients in them. Otherwise, shampoos with chemicals can simply ruin your hair. So, you can start with something that has argan oil or shea butter oil.

5.    Drying after perming

Once you have taken a shower, you need to dry your hair. Do not expose hair to heat. Do not use a dryer.

Instead, you should gently rub your hair against a microfiber towel. It will smoothen and detangle all the hair.

However, avoid using a cotton towel or any other towel that has a rough surface. If you rub a very harsh surface against your hair, there are a hundred times more chances that you may ruin your newly gotten curls.

BONUS SECTION- Frizzy Hair into Twirls [Step-by-Step guide]

We know that it’s hard for you to practice all the given tricks. You must be stuck in your hectic routine. But you need to give some care and love to your hair. You must need a healthy hair care routine to end frizz from your hair.

These tricks will not only prevent frizz. But also, you will see beautiful hair growth. Otherwise, you will end up damaging your hair forever.

So, to make your life super easy, we have made this section. So, if you can’t follow each of the ways mentioned above, you must follow these steps.

Here is the quick guide summary to help you get keynotes.

If you want to turn your frizzy hair into gorgeous and ravishing twirls, you must follow these basic and easy steps. So just stay with us to know those five magical steps.

  • Wash your hair just twice or thrice a week. Yes, we do use to hear that washing hair daily is a must. However, it is of no use. The constant use of shampoo, even the good one, can damage your hair. So stop washing your hair daily.
  •  Once you apply shampoo, let it be there for the time mentioned on its packaging. After that, apply the conditioner through the hair length. But before you wash it away, take a broad-toothed brush and brush your hair with it. Later, you can rinse the conditioner.
  • After showering, it’s time to dry your hair. We prefer a towel over a blow dryer and a microfiber towel over a cotton one.
  • You can also use a deep conditioner after showering. Leave it on your hair for a day. And then wash.
  • For the best results, apply some light hair oil after hair wash. It is better to apply it on wet hairs as it locks the moisture and ends split ends.


Next time you want to rock the party night or just want to flaunt your hair, just make sure that you have no frizzy perms. Frizzy hair can result in damaging your whole persona. Also, it can ruin your impression of your loved ones.

However, instead of crying over frizzy hair and avoiding social events, treating your hair with love is better. They do need your attention and care as they are a living part of your body. On top of everything, they are the ones that make you stand out among others. To get the frizz-free perms, you need to follow our guide. Start applying these tricks and make them part of your life. We bet you would love the results.