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Does Semi-Permanent Dye Stain Hair? The Ultimate Guide On Everything You Need To Know

Does Semi-Permanent Dye Stain Hair

People customize their bodies in different ways. They feel that changing their body would help them express themselves better, which is why they do so. One part of their body which people enjoy customizing is their hair, which is done by dyeing it. Dyeing can be a fun process, especially if you manage to pull off the look post-dyeing your hair. Then again, that doesn’t mean that the entire process doesn’t come with its post-effects.

One of the effects of dying leaves on your hair is that it could very well stain your hair after you’re done with the entire process.

For today, we shall be talking about semi-permanent hair dye, or as it is usually called: a temporary dye. To know this, first, we’ll have to know ourselves what semi-permanent dye is, how it works and does semi-permanent dye stains hair?

A lot of factors will be playing in this entire situation, so if there’s a topic that might be of concern here with us today, then sit back and relax.

Semi-Permanent Dye – Knowing the Basics

Semi-permanent dye is a dye that is meant for short-term hair color changes.

Does Semi-Permanent Dye Stain Hair

In the sense that this dye coats only the outer parts of the hair, which includes the surface. Rather than going deep inside the roots and changing the hair’s entire color, a semi-permanent dye only manages to change the outer look of the hair rather than changing the complete look. It creates an easy-on, easy-off solution that can be mixed to create different colors and shades that can be applied to the hair for a better look.

A semi-permanent dye is called temporary because it can be washed out in a couple of weeks if you don’t feel like rocking it anymore. Pretty soon you’re going to be showing off your natural hair color[].

The Chemistry behind it

Semi-permanent dye isn’t as strong as permanent hair dye. It isn’t formulated with ammonia or any other solution which can change your hair pigmentation. Nor does it have peroxide in it, which will end up lifting your cuticles.  Your hair isn’t damaged in any way when you apply this dye.

The best thing about a semi-permanent dye is that you don’t have to mix additional chemicals into this, such as an activator, to develop it further. Because, as we know that more chemicals being applied to your hair can lead to more damage. A semi-permanent dye is used straight from the bottle with ease.

The pigment molecules of a temporary dye won’t be going through your roots and will only manage to enter a tiny bit under your hair cuticle.

To sum it up, there is no kind of chemical damage involved while applying a semi-permanent dye, so it’s all good!

Are there any effects of Semi-Permanent Dye

A semi-permanent dye has several effects even though it isn’t an overall permanent dye. Semi-permanent pigments are amazing at conditioning your hair. Their glossy, gel-like texture makes it super smooth and easy to apply, while it also adds shine a brightness back to the hair after you’re done using the dye.

Several semi-permanent dyes are even mixed with nourishing oils like jojoba or argan oil to hydrate your hair. Of course, since the health of your hair is the priority, it is excellent if you’re preventing coloring them permanently because a semi-permanent dye would be a much better option if you do want to color your hair.

Can You Use Semi-Permanent Dye?

Whether the semi-permanent dye can stain your hair or not comes later. We need to address before that is whether or not you can apply a semi-permanent dye. So, who can apply this kind of dye?

First Timers

Like everything in life, there’s a first try at everything. Looking to get your hair colored and do not want to opt for a permanent dye, then you could very well move towards the option of a semi-permanent dye.

If you’re going to experience colored hair, starting with a semi-permanent dye will be a great option. It will be perfect for you if you want to have a taste of what coloring your hair is like, but you’re pretty conscious about damaging your hair.

Frequent Timers

On the other hand, the same goes for people who have already damaged hair but want to nurse it back to health, with different sources like relaxers and perms.

If you’ve had bad hair which has been entirely damaged over the last few months, then this semi-permanent dye would be the perfect way to start nursing it back to health along with a range of colors because, as mentioned earlier, semi-permanent dyeing has no damaging effects.


After talking about first-timers and people who dye their hair frequently, we shall speak of the people who do it for fun. This includes people who love pulling off cosplays and costumes, and they need to get their hair right to pull off that one specific look.

How you manage to express yourself with a wide range of colors that you like to switch up often will get you experienced in this area, and so, a semi-permanent dye might be something you get used to in no time!

How Long Does Semi-Permanent Hair Last?

Most semi-permanent dyes tend to last anywhere between 3-6 weeks, while certain cooler tones like blue and green might last even longer than that. The color of the hair will slowly go away with every wash, but that’s all part of the beautiful fading away process, which you will also get to experience.

In all honesty, the temporary hair color might not last more than a month and a half. But the color fading away in such a short time does have a positive thought; you will get to experiment with more colors if you want to!

Will it stain your hair?

Now, for the big question. The answer to which has every person who is willing to dye their hair is curious to hear: does Semi-permanent dye stain hair?

It doesn’t matter what your original hair color is, but as long as you apply this semi-permanent hair dye to your hair, then your hair can be stained quite easily. Honestly, it doesn’t matter if you’re using permanent color or semi-permanent color, for that matter, because the staining will happen nonetheless.

The Color Culprit

Often it is the culprit that is the color in these staining cases. For example, red no hair dye is highly potent and concentrated. This is why even after several washes over two months, there are still shades of red in your hair that don’t seem to go away as quickly as you would like them to.

The Original Hair Itself

Depending on the original hair you have, you will need to keep in mind that if it is a light-toned color, the stain will more or less stay on the hair. For our understanding, we shall be taking blonde hair into account.

Does Semi-permanent dye stain hair if it is blonde? For starters, blonde hair is a pretty light shade; hence it can take on any color regardless of how dark it is, and the applied color is revealed on the blonde shade reasonably quickly. But since we’re talking about blonde hair here, almost anything is going to stain blonde hair easily—even semi-permanent hair, for that matter.

No matter how much you wash it, there’s always a tinge that remains on blonde hair. And this isn’t all talk because countless women have ended up sharing their experience where their hair color has shading over their blonde hair.

As mentioned before, it could be a permanent stain and a semi-permanent stain that messes up the blonde hair. Compared to other, darker hair colors, your hair dye might get masked if your hair color is dark enough and soon enough fade into the color of your hair. The stains may not be permanent for semi-permanent dye, but they’ll take a while to wash out.

Does Semi-Permanent Dye Stain Hair and how to Deal With it

Dealing with dye stains is a tad bit difficult, but when it comes to semi-permanent dyes, then your job becomes a little easier. Being temporary colors, they don’t tend to stick around for a while like permanent dyes. All the methods told on how to deal with staining require concentrated products, so be aware before using any of these methods.


The first option is, of course, bleaching. In bleaching, you can strip off your natural hair color and then dye a new color on your hair thoroughly. This way, you will have a uniform color on your hair from your roots to the outer tips. Bleaching involves the use of strong chemicals, and it also needs to be done with care, or else it could damage your hair.

Make sure to seek help from a professional hair specialist if you plan on getting your hair bleached entirely. The oxidation process involved with bleaching is quite complicated so before you do anything of such sorts with your hair, know the entire process beforehand of what you are going to be doing.

Dark Dying

Another option that you can seek is dying your hair to a completely dark color which you can then maintain and take care of once you’ve gone completely dark. You can keep the same hair for years and maintain it with touchups now and then. This is probably the easiest option we have here.

A darker color makes it easier to maintain, and you’ll only be needing to make touchups whenever you feel that your hair is going light. Low maintenance is probably the best thing about dying your hair to a darker color.

Hair Toning

If your stain is of a pretty sharp color, say pink or electric blue, for example. Then you could get your hair toned to make the stain look less vibrant.

Does Semi-Permanent Dye Stain Hair

Toning will lessen its sharpness and help the stain blend into your normal hair color as much as it can. This would be the most suitable option since this method requires the least amount of product to be applied to your hair, and you can normalize your stain to bring back the look you had before on you.

Hair toning works noticeably well on lighter hair since it does not lift or permanently alter the color of the hair. Instead, it adds another tone over it to make sure all the parts of your hair fall in the same color shade as each other. Hair toner contains little or no ammonia, and it belongs to a class of semi-permanent dyes itself, allowing you to adjust the tone of your hair color.

Clarifying Shampoo

Moving on, Does Semi-Permanent Dye Stain Hair? we have the simple method of using a clarifying shampoo on your hair to remove the dye stain as much as you can by washing it. These types of shampoos are formulated this way where they can wash away heavy build-up in your hair.

Mainly of these kinds where you end up getting a stain on your hair. A clarifying shampoo might be the answer to this wretched stain you have on your hair. A clarifying shampoo also helps to remove build and hard water deposits. It also restores the natural balance and pH of your hair.

Your hair doesn’t go dry either with a clarifying shampoo since it helps your hair lock in moisture inside of it.

Dandruff Shampoo + Baking Soda

This might be a pretty odd combination, but many people have stated that this method works for them. A mixture of equal parts of dandruff shampoo and baking soda might do the trick, as the cleansing power of the shampoo along with the baking soda might help strip the stain off of the hair.

Make sure to use the dandruff shampoo that suits your hair explicitly because not every shampoo tends to suit everyone.

Another thing to remember is that baking soda is a strong basic agent, which is why you shouldn’t leave it on your hair for a long time. Your hair will begin to be hard, and then washing it off of it will be a hassle. Apply the shampoo and baking soda solution and wash it off in a few minutes like you would typically do with any other shampoo.


Concluding this topic, does Semi-permanent dye stain hair or not? It does, yes. But that doesn’t mean the stain stays there forever. There are some solid ways to get rid of the stain, and we’ve mentioned all of the above. The thing to remember if you get a stain on your hair is not to panic because it can be dealt with relatively efficiently. But that will depend on the method you’re going to choose and which way suits your hair.

As long as you treat your hair the right way, then it is good to go. After all, it’s just a stain and nothing that can’t be dealt with. Your hair is an asset so treat it like one. Don’t panic because it’s just a stain after all. You are who knows what the best for your hair is so you shouldn’t be using any products that harm it. With several synthetic products that do not suit all our hair, you just need to find the products that suit your hair and this stain will be gotten rid of in no time.

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