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Does honey lighten hair – A Detailed Explanation to Everything You Need to Know!

Does honey lighten hair

Honey has been used throughout centuries for hair care routines and in many home remedies. It is enriched with minerals, proteins, amino acids, and antioxidants that stimulate cell development, transfer nutrients to the scalp, and lock in moisture to the hair.

Many people prefer honey for lightening their hair over lighteners and other harmful products because it is a natural bleaching product and is not harsh. Is it not wonderful? Moreover, this natural method is cheaper, and it beats many market-bought dyes and hair-salon products. The natural bleaching process of honey is safe and straightforward because it lightens your hair by gently stripping off the color pigment of strands. So, have you ever been thinking about does honey lightens hair and how it works? Stay tuned with us as here in this article; we’re going to share some amazing facts about lightening hair with honey.

What are the ingredients in honey that make hair lighten?

Honey is a vital home remedy for lightening hair without any damage. Moreover, we can say that it is a natural substitute for harsh bleaching products and other chemical treatments. Do you know which ingredients in honey help to make your hair lighten? or does honey lighten hair? Let’s discuss those ingredients!

Glucose and Glucose oxidase

Glucose oxidase is an enzyme of honey that breaks down glucose and leaves behind hydrogen peroxide with the correct pH concentration. Hydrogen peroxide, an effective bleaching agent, breaks down the melanin (the pigment that provides hair its color) and lightens the hair, like bleach. The glucose oxidase also gives the advantage of being an anti-bacterial agent when glucose and oxygen are present.[]

Emollient and Humectant

Honey is enriched with emollient and humectant properties – it offers moisturizing powers! The Emollient is an agent that revitalizes lackluster hair and smoothes out the hair follicles. On the other hand, Humectant hydrates the dry locks, giving shine to rough hair, and rejuvenates the damaged hair.

How to lighten hair with honey?

Here I’m going to explain How to lighten hair with honey?

Can honey lighten hair?

Yes, honey can be used alone or integrated with other organic hair products to lighten the hair – it usually takes two to ten hours! However, it depends on hair structure, condition, natural color, and chemical processing exposure. Remember to use raw honey as a bleacher instead of pasteurized one because the latter doesn’t have the proper hydrogen peroxide levels. Let’s discuss some methods for lightening hair with honey!

Does honey lighten hair

Make the lightning mixture by using honey with apple cider vinegar:

Take four parts of honey and one part of apple cider vinegar (acts as a conditioner) in a bowl and mix thoroughly. If you want a substantial change in your hair, you can add a few drops of commercial hydrogen peroxide to the mixture. It reacts with your hair instantly and bleaches several shades lighter but be aware of hair damage. Moreover, avoid using hydrogen peroxide if you’ve black or dark brown hair as it may turn out orange shade.


  • Let the mixture rest for approx. 35 to 60 minutes, and then get prepared for applying it to your hair.
  • Wrap a rough towel around your shoulders, and then apply the honey mixture over your hair by using your fingers. Continue applying this mix until all of your hair is adequately covered in honey.
  • Now put a shower cap on your head to cover the hair and let the mixture stay for at least 3 hours to attain a lighter look.
  • Wash the mixture out of your hair with warm water, shampoo them, and then condition as usual.

  • Use Cinnamon and lemon juice with honey
  • The combination of cinnamon, lemon juice, and honey is the perfect lightning mask for hair as lemon and cinnamon can activate the hydrogen peroxide naturally present in the honey and speed up the lightning process. You can also add olive oil into the mixture to achieve extra hydration and moisture.


    • Mix 2 tablespoons of honey to a tablespoon of cinnamon, lemon juice, and olive oil in a bowl. You can maintain the quantity of ingredients according to your preference and mix them thoroughly.
    • Allow the mixture to rest for 30 minutes, and then apply it all over your hair.
    • An additional cover of a plastic cap can help the mask stay on your hair for at least four to five hours or even overnight.
    • If you want two shades in your hair, let the mixture sit on your hair for long enough.

  • Make a honey lightening conditioner
  • This method is proved to be very beneficial for lightening the hair as it also provides nourishment and hydration to the hair. Let’s see the procedure of applying:

    Does honey lighten hair


    • Take an equal quantity of conditioner of your choice and honey in a bowl; mix them until they are thoroughly combined.
    • Apply the mixture on your damp hair by using your fingers and then comb with a basting brush as it can equally distribute the mixture in your hair.
    • You can also preserve this lightening mixture in a bottle and apply it to your hair after every shower.
    • Distribute a small amount all over your hair, leave it for five to ten minutes, and rinse it out with warm water in the end.
    • If you feel your hair sticky or greasy after wash, increase the quantity of conditioner and lower the amount of honey you use.[][]

  • Some other lightning method
    • Take ¼ ratio of honey to water as a lightning treatment for hair. Remember to use distilled water because it contains low mineral content, and its pH attains a lot more hydrogen peroxide from the honey. Coat this mixture onto your hair and scalp, cover it with a shower cap and rinse it after one hour.
    • Honey with coconut oil makes the best bleaching mask for the hair as it also gives the benefit of making hair shiny! Apply raw honey with organic coconut oil to your hair thoroughly and provide a gentle massage with your fingers. Covering with a warm towel can boost its absorption in your hair. Leave the mixture overnight and rinse it out the following day.

    Honey Lighten hair – [Fact or Fiction]

    Many people wonder does honey lightens hair, and this method even exists? The supremacy behind this method is that honey is an organic bleaching agent that works as a hair lightener and adds moisture to hair naturally.

    How does honey hair lightening works?

    The honey for hair lightening method works due to its natural hydrogen peroxide content. The hydrogen peroxide releases oxygen free radicals oxidized by the iron found in the honey. The lightning effect you can attain by using this technique depends on how porous your hair is and how it absorbs the honey.

    Honey lightening hair hacks

    Follow the hacks to lighten your hair in the best way:

    • You can add natural components like ground cinnamon, cardamom, extra virgin olive oil, or coconut oil to the honey. They can boost the natural honey color and give you a perfect lightning color.
    • If you want a more striking and dramatic honey hair effect on your hair, you can add a bit of commercial hydrogen peroxide to the honey.
    • Apply the honey mixture on a clean hair having no residue or oil, and then cover the head with a shower cap. It adds natural heat to your hair and ultimately increases the lightening effect.
    • If you’re using the honey treatment for only hair nourishment and moisturization, you can apply it on hair for the minimum time. However, if you want a lightening effect on the hair – leave the treatment for a longer time or do it multiple times!

    BONUS SECTION: Honey hair lightening instructions – Easy Method

    If you’re going to use honey lightening hair treatment in your home, always use honey with high hydrogen peroxide levels for better results. Moreover, remember to use distilled water for making honey mixture as ordinary or filtered water can revoke the bleaching properties in the honey.

    Follow these easy instructions to get a super perfect natural bleaching dye with honey at your home:

    Required Ingredients

    • Honey
    • Distilled water
    • Plastic wrap or shower cap
    • 2 to 3 hours of time

    Optional ingredients

    • A recycled empty bottle
    • Cardamom or cinnamon
    • Coconut oil (for extra hydration and moisture)

    Step 1: Make a mixture

    Take ¼ cup of honey with 1 cup of distilled water in a bowl and mix until creating a paste. You can also add this mixture in an empty slow pour bottle as it’ll be less messy than scooping the mixture onto the hair with your fingers. If you want fast bleaching results, you can add one tablespoon of cinnamon or cardamom (which contains bleaching properties) to the mixture.

    Step 2: Leave the mixture rest for some time:

    Now let the honey and water mixture rest for at least one hour at room temperature. It can activate the honey bleaching powers and so give optimal outcomes.

    Step 3: Apply the mixture to damp hair:

    Apply the mixture all over your hair using an applicator bottle, and then brush on the honey highlights with a basting brush. After it, cover your head with a shower cap and let the honey rest on your hair for at least an hour.

    Step 4: Apply conditioner after rinsing the hair:

    Skip the shampoo, rinse the honey mixture from the hair with simple water, and then wash it with a conditioner. If your hair feels kooky, rinse with apple cider vinegar as it can clear off the entire residue from hair. After honey lightening treatment, you’ll get super moisturized and lush hair because honey contains the natural agent Humectant that attracts and retains water molecules.

    That’s all it takes – you’ll get your hair lightened after some attempts! Moreover, this honey process is a smooth and natural tonal shift, unlike other bleaching treatments. If you regularly repeat this process, you can also get the advantage of having ultra-soft hair.

    How to lighten dyed or colored hair with honey?

    For centuries, honey has been a superfood that keeps the hair healthy and moisturized, lightens it, and makes highlights as desired. Most people prefer honey for lightening hair color because it’s not as harsh as other bleaching products or hair lighteners. But do you wonder does honey lightens hair or uses it to create highlights on already dyed hair? Yes, you can do this in your home without spending much money in salons or parlors! Let’s discuss the process of lightening dyed or colored hair with honey.

    Ingredients you required

    • Honey
    • Cinnamon
    • Jamaican
    • Hibiscus
    • Sorrel
    • Shower cap


    • To a clean saucepan, add two cups of water with two fresh or dried sorrel cups, and then boil the mixture.
    • The mixture should undergo a setting period of at least 2 to 5 hours, or if possible, leave it overnight.
    • Now strain the liquid in a bowl and add two tablespoons of honey with one tablespoon of cinnamon and mix thoroughly.
    • Apply the honey mixture onto your hair and massage gently with your fingers.
    • Cover your head with a shower cap for at least three hours, and then rinse out the honey mixture from your hair.

    That’s all – but with this method does honey lighten hair? The answer is ye you’ll get your dyed hair lightened with honey! Moreover, if you want a reddish shade in your color, you can use henna powder or ground coffee as an alternative to Jamaican. Similarly, for attaining strawberry hue, go for hibiscus petals!

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

    All Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

    Q. How long should we leave honey on our hair?

    After applying honey to the hair, gently massage it on your scalp in circular motions by using your fingers. Cover your hair with plastic wrap to activate the bleaching powers and help seal in the moisturizing ingredients. Leave the honey mask on your hair for at least two hours if you only want moisturizing effects. However, leave it in for more than two hours or overnight if you want a lighter shade.

    Q. Is it hard to get honey out of our hair?

    Honey treatment is a super effective and completely natural process because it contains antioxidants that keep your hair healthy and shiny. However, we don’t suggest you use honey alone on your strands as it can be a bit sticky, making it strenuous to rinse out.

    Q. Does honey change the natural hair color?

    If you’re thinking, does honey lighten the hair, then it’s true! Honey lightens your natural hair color, i.e., from black to white. The glucose oxidase enzyme breaks down glucose sugars to generate hydrogen peroxide (bleaching agent). It can lighten your natural hair pigment but can’t turn it grey.

    Q. Can we use honey with a conditioner?

    Yes, take an equal quantity of honey and a conditioner of your choice, mix them well, and store them in a bottle. Apply this mixture gently after every shower on your strands – you’ll get a soft, silky, and lustrous hair texture. Moreover, this is also effective in lightening the hair color, but it results after many attempts.


    Are you looking to try out a natural method to lighten your strands? Go for natural bleaching products! The honey lightening treatment works best for it. Now you might be wondering does honey lighten the hair. Yes, it’s a natural bleaching way to lighten locks as it contains hydrogen peroxide. You can use this treatment to achieve better results by adding other ingredients like cinnamon, coconut oil, apple cider vinegar, or lemon juice. These ingredients speed up the lightning process and help smooth any potential harm to your hair. Check out our article as we’ve discussed in detail all the facts and queries about honey for hair lightening treatment.

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