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Are Dreadlocks Real Hair? A Detailed Explanation to Everything You Need to Know!

are dreadlocks real hair

You must have observed one common thing in all Negros, Afros, and Red Indians. Other than their jolliness and cheerful nature, that one common thing is their peculiar hairstyle. They usually style their hair with the thick beaded, coiled look or sometimes with dense curls. Sometimes you might have noticed numerous thick braids too. They look fancy and appeal to everyone quickly. This particular hairstyle has its name – dreadlock.

Believe it or not, dreadlocks symbolize cultural, ethnic, and political views. That is why you would have rarely seen any white man with such a hairstyle. Though you may have seen such a case, that cases are seldom. Apart from their cultural and political representation, one question that arises in our minds is, are dreadlocks real hair?

If they are real and natural, so what is the way to get natural dreadlocks, and how can you style your hair to get them? And if they are not real dreadlocks, so from where can you get the fake ones? We will be answering such relevant queries in this article along with the history of this hairstyle – dreadlocks. So, stay hooked with us to learn more about this particular hairstyle.

Are real dreadlocks any different from fake dreadlocks?

Before directly jumping towards this answer, first, let’s understand what are dreadlocks? As we already discussed in the introduction, dreadlocks are a unique hairstyle. Though this hairstyle represents an ethnic class, you may see a few people from outside that community having this hairstyle. It is a kind of braided hairstyle with dense braids and tangled hair.

So, you may get them naturally. However, another quick way to get this fashionable hairstyle is to buy the dreadlock extension. Now, this part will answer your question – are real dreadlocks any different from fake dreadlocks?

Here, when we say real dreadlocks, we refer to the dreadlock extension of real hair or natural hair. Although these real dreadlocks are expensive, they can last longer than fake or synthetic ones. The other type, fake dreadlocks, is made up of synthetic hair. For that, manufacturers use a different kind of material like Henlon hair.

So, if you are wearing real dreadlock hair, you can wear it forever. While you need to remove the fake or synthetic dreadlock every three hours as it lasts for such a period. Another difference between both dreadlock types is their care. It would help if you cared a lot about real dreadlocks as you don’t want to detangle braids or don’t want to open them.

are dreadlocks real hair

For that, you will need a good quality shampoo and premium quality hair products. Whereas you can easily take care of your synthetic or fake dreadlocks as they don’t need much attention. Also, you can replace them if you see detangling of hair. In any case, fake dreadlocks take a lot of time to detangle as they are made up of synthetic hair. So, this artificial nature helps dreadlocks stay firm in their position and look.[]

Are dreadlocks real? [Real vs. Fake dreadlocks]

We cannot simply say that dreadlocks are all fake. So, this answers the question: are dreadlocks real hair? Yes, other than natural dreadlock extensions, you may see some real, actual real dreadlocks. Those are not extensions. Such dreadlocks are made up of your hair. So, you can even create that hairstyle if you don’t want to buy an extension.

You need to spare some time styling your hair to get the real an actual dreadlock hairstyle to get the proper and real dreadlock hairstyle. This hairstyle is not easy; it takes a lot of time, dedication, and care. Once you have created that look, you will need to care for dreadlocks as you don’t want to detangle your hair too soon. Also, in that case, you will have to spend the whole time again while dread-locking your hair.

We can reach some factors if we have to compare the three types – real dreadlocks, natural dreadlock extension, and fake dreadlocks. Those factors are hair type, time to create that look, care, and of course, the cost.

There would be no cost in the case of natural or real dreadlocks that you make using your hair. It depends if you want to visit any stylist to create that look, which will be the cost you will have to pay.

Else, you can create the look by yourself. In the case of a real hair dreadlock extension, the cost is much higher. At the same time, the fake dreadlock extensions are affordable. The care for real dreadlocks and dreadlock extensions is the same. However, you can replace the fake dreadlock easily. So it needs less or no maintenance.

Lastly, the time you have to spend getting the look varies thrice of these types. In both extension kinds of dreadlocks, there will be no styling time required. Just get the correct extension, wear it properly and you are all set. While in the case of a real dreadlock, you will need a lot of time to braid and coil your hair. So, the last option takes a considerable chunk of time.

Advantages and disadvantages of having dreadlocks? [are dreadlocks real hair]

Though the hairstyle may look remarkable and impressive, it is complex and quite tricky to manage. Those adopting this as a mere fashion may take time to learn to manage dreadlock hairstyles. However, those who adopt this hairstyle with a motive can help habitual handling and managing their dreadlocks.

Thus, there are specific pros and cons of having dreadlocks. So, before getting one for yourself, please read out this section carefully. It will help you to make decisions.

Let’s begin with the pros of having dreadlocks. First, you won’t have to detangle and comb your hair every time as you won’t comb your hair anyway. It also minimizes the issues of having knots in your hair. Usually, when you get a knot in your hair, you spend time carefully detangling it. However, in the case of dreadlocks, you would love to have more knots as knots support more dreadlocks.

are dreadlocks real hair

Second, it is a fashion statement that everyone loves to copy nowadays. So, people will be amazed by your cool look and praise you wherever you head over. Eventually, it helps you get more confidence, and you start loving yourself and your appearance.

Third, and most importantly, you won’t have to maintain your hair regularly. Steps like combing, brushing, trimming, and even washing will be lesser if you have dreadlocks. So, you won’t have to spend a lot of time managing your hair before any event. Just wear your dress and accessories and step out.

However, you will also notice some significant cons of dreadlocks. First, you will have to take more excellent hygiene care as avoiding hair wash may cause hair problems. You can have an itchy scalp, dandruff, or any relevant hair issues.

Second, you have to be patient if you plan to grow natural dreadlocks as they can be made only on longer hair. Third, in the case of natural hair dreadlock extensions, you will have to spend a considerable amount of money as they are expensive.

So, once you weigh both pros and cons, it will be easier for you to make a decision.

Suffering from dread rot? [Get rid of dread rot]

Dread rots happen when you do not properly dry out your dreadlocks. So the trapped moisture and water cause a terrible odor. Also, you might notice some discoloration in dreadlocks. However, it is not permanent, and you can easily avoid it.

To avoid dread rot, you have to dry out your hair properly. In any case, this has happened; you can still cure it. Just apply some essential oils to your hair. Tea tree oil works like magic here in this situation and removes grease, oil, dirt, and foul odor from hair.

To your dreadlocks, you can also go for a perfect blend of baking soda, lemon juice, and apple cider vinegar. You will notice that your rot has gone.

[BONUS SECTION] All about dreadlocks explained

Though you can get dreadlock extensions readily from the market, you still need some research to learn more about dreadlocks. So, to begin with, you need some basic information about this hairstyle.

After the fakeness or reality of dreadlock, one of such queries is why they exist? Why does a specific type of person have this hairstyle? What does it signify? And why don’t other people like Europeans, Asians, or even Arabs have this style? Well, for this you don’t need to go anywhere else. We have done all the research to answer you’re significant queries. So let’s begin.

Studies say that this hairstyle has its origin in Bible. Also, those who want to turn to God and show their dedication to God use this hairstyle. According to their belief, they remain in a most natural state as God has sent them to the Earth. So, they avoid trimming, cutting, or combing their hair.

This way is one of the primitive ways to get a dreadlock hairstyle. Along with this specific hairstyle, people who follow this belief also wear typical attire and accessories to symbolize their faith.

Other than religious beliefs, many political and cultural beliefs also play a vital role in the origin of Dreadlocks. People who belong to a minor or small community, like Afros and Red Indians, use this hairstyle to represent their ethnicity and cultural beliefs. So, here they are using this dreadlock hairstyle to signify and represent their ethnic origin.

The bottom line is that dreadlock hairstyle, whether natural or fake, always signifies and represents thought and belief. Nevertheless, people are also adopting this hairstyle as a mere hairstyle. So, you might see some other nationalities or believers having this hairstyle. Their hairstyle does not represent anything in that case. It only means fashion and mood.

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The beaded hair with a thick spiral look is not new in the fashion. These dreadlocks have been there for ages. Whether man or woman, everyone is a fan of dreadlock hair and loves styling their hair that way.

Dreadlocks look impressive and catch everyone’s attention quickly. However, one obvious question that pops into mind after seeing dreadlocks is are dreadlocks real hair? Natural dreadlocks may exist, as we discussed in dreadlocks origin. After reading this, you would now have an idea how to style your hair to get dreadlocks. Hence, you can enjoy some new hairstyles with this coiled beaded hair look. And Hope so it might give you the answer to are dreadlocks real hair?